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I am in the last trimester. I have hit the 8-month mark and can feel the time looming closer and closer. With this being my second pregnancy, I have a broader perspective than before. I am not hung up over my inability to keep my prenatals down. I do not worry over not being able to exercise because of its contraction inducing tendency. I am not concerned about the small weight gain. My worries of yesteryear have vanished.
Or have they?
I think the real reason I do not sweat out the small stuff is because my awesome Ob/Gyn. He explains away my concerns through citing research and clear explanations. He makes me feel educated while addressing my naivete. He talks to my husband and plays with my daughter. He is exactly what I wanted.
With my first pregnancy I had a number of setbacks. Like other women in my family, I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum (hg). With my first baby, I thought it was normal that I was not keeping anything down. I figured many women have to visit the ER to have their fluids replenished.
I also thought it was normal to have cramping in the abdominal area, until they became too much. Having an appendectomy is not normal. Especially when one is 6 months pregnant.
I have never visited an ER, let alone had any type of major surgery, until I was pregnant. With those two (and throw in a few UTIs) conditions, I learned to be more careful of any symptoms I experienced.
With this pregnancy, I made sure to set up IV therapy immediately so that hg did not overwhelm me. It did, of course, but at least I had some fluids on a regular basis. My Ob/gyn made sure to take care of my needs and understood my constant questions. Is this normal? How about this? He also understood my limitations as a full-time student and mother.
So, last Sunday when I began having contractions I ignored them. Until they wouldn’t go away. Even overnight. Mr. B. and I went reluctantly to the hospital. We found out that I was having some kind of uterine irritation, but I was not dilated and had not trace of fetal fibronectin. I was given shots to relax the uterus (the closest I have ever been to taking a stimulant, it was intense) and sent home with strict instructions to stay off of my feet. I met with my doctor a few days later and asked if there was anything I should be doing. He told me that because I was not dilated, I did not have to do bed rest. Thank goodness.
I am in my last months and the baby is still safely ensconced within my womb. I am experiencing normal growing pains and wondering if I can really handle another couple of months. But, all in all, I am very proud that I have made it this far without losing too much hope. My next baby will need to wait a few years. I have learned that my body needs a good, long, rest after pregnancy. So do my emotions. Just ask Mr. B.


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