I have been reflecting lately about whether I have truly been enjoying little moments.
While I was in school, I was concerned with being the best mommy while trying to juggle my coursework. Now that I am not in school, I feel my old spirit coming back. Without having to worry about deadlines, assigned reading, exams, or papers, I feel more able to handle each day.
Looking back, I realize how much I truly enjoyed school. What I gained was perspective. I learned how to shift my focus from homework, to the Queen, to Mr. B., and to other areas. I had successes and I had failures. I learned from each failure and strove to be better the next time.
I am finished with school for the time being. Mr. B., on the other hand, has a very long road ahead of him. Our experience of going to school full-time, while taking care of a baby, helped us grow closer. We learned how to manage very busy schedules and still maintain our relationship. I learned that Mr. B. needs to focus an extraodinary amount of his time on school, if he is to be successful.
The little moments we had in which we laughed uncontrollably, were amazed by our baby, and taught each other things from our classes, are moments I will forever cherish. I am almost saddened that I do not get to have lunch with Mr. B. on campus anymore. But, I am glad that I finished my degree so that I could become a full-time wife and mother. I am learning how to support Mr. B. in his studies. I know I need to sacrifice spending time with him in order for him to focus as much as he needs. I know that I have the primary responsibilty of taking care of the household and the Queen. I also know, at times, it is hard to bear this alone.
Since my role as student is over, I am now shifting over to homemaker. I am relinquishing the time I needed to do homework over the Mr. B. I am vowing now to cherish the moments with Mr. B. and not grow resentful. I will enjoy the Queen and learn how to handle 2 babies at one time. I will devote my time to serving those who need my help. I will make every moment count, even the yucky ones.
Here’s to the wife of a pre-med student.



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  1. Yvonne

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on finishing your education and your supporting your hubby in his studies.I hope you have lots of support when your son comes.I'll be back to read more.

  2. Kimberly

    It's such a helpful thing to put your feelings during this transitional time into words. When I shifted from working full time to being a homemaker and supporting my husband during his full time studies, it wreaked absolute havoc on my sanity. I wish I'd thought to write during that time!Good luck with the adjustment. It's no easy thing, but there is so much joy to be found and I know you'll find it!

  3. Kim

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for writing this.Thank you also for visiting my blog and your sweet comments.