My life: Then Vs. Now

I graduated this past August. I am very proud of this achievement. In order to help me remember the distinct advantages of not being a student anymore, I will compare a few things between “that” life and my “now” life.


Since I went back to school when the Queen was 2 weeks old (!), I was definitely sleep deprived. Oh, but the housework and homework woke me from any rest. Instead of being able to nap at pleasure, I had the constant pressure of reading, completing various assignments, and studying for exams weighing over my head.


I nap whenever the Queen naps. Since she still takes 2 naps a day (YAY!), I can, in theory, take 2 naps a day as well. But, I also go to bed quite early. So, rather than sleep my day away, I choose to take only one nap. I will then take the Queen on a walk so I can fully wake up. The rest of the day is ours.


Having dinner, or any meals, ready seemed impossible. I tried to cook dinner regularly for Mr. B, but I often failed. FAILED I tell you! More often than not, we would go out to eat. Not a good habit, but for two busy students with a newborn baby, it seemed the only way.


I make dinner just about every week night. I even find recipes on-line to try! I have made some delicious meals recently, like fettucine alfredo (yum!), and enjoy planning out dinner. Since Mr. B enjoys cooking, he takes over on the weekends. He is wonderful.


Housework added to my stress load. Laundry and dishes piled up, the kitchen/living room was in a constant state of clutter, the table was littered with school books, and the place looked messy. Mr. B and I are both clean people, so having a dirty house was a headache. A major stress on our family: meaning our relationship.


My pregnancy does limit my activities (y’know, trying to avoid pre-term labor and such), but I manage to keep the kitchen clean. Almost spotless. The living room is kept tidy, laundry is folded right out of the dryer, and our bed is made. Okay, maybe not EVERY day, but I do try and make the bed most days. Moving into a bigger place has also contributed to a clean house. Seriously.


I was grumpy. I felt stressed out all the time. I felt like a horrible mom and wife. I hardly had time to read my scriptures, play with my daughter, and relax with my husband. Not to mention our callings. My husband was first, executive secretary, then elder’s quorum president (EQP). I was secretary in Young Women’s. Our lives felt extraordinarily busy. Yep, I had many pity moments.


Scripture reading has become necessary. We have regular family scripture study, family prayer, and Family Home Evening. I play with my daughter. All. Day. Long. I LOVE it. I do not freak out on my husband constantly. I am able to support him through his struggles. We do not have callings, yet (as we have just moved), but I know that when we do we will devote 100% of ourselves. Without the stress. Unless Mr. B is made EQP again. Just kidding.

Wow, what a difference it makes to not have us both in school! I really have so much fun everyday and look forward to seeing Mr. B at dinner time. Sure, I don’t see Mr. B as much, but I am doing my duty as a housewife. I am grateful that I persevered and completed my degree. I know my studies have helped me become a better wife and mother. I also know that I have much more patience for being a Stay-at-home-mom than I would have, had I not had the experience of attending school full-time as a mother. When I walked during the graduation ceremony, I was really walking for our little family. We all earned the degree.



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3 responses to “My life: Then Vs. Now

  1. Yvonne

    I love the last sentence–"We all earned the degree". Yes you did.Congratulations. That is a wonderful accomplishment.Great post.

  2. Charlotte

    It took me a while to adjust from being in school. I had lived on stress and deadlines and homework for so long that I had to learn how to live without it. I'm glad you are able to enjoy the less stress so soon.

  3. Kimberly

    How lovely to look back like that and see how you've grown…how your life has changed into something with greater potential for happiness! That's fabulous!