How I Make Lemonade: Reflections On My Tendency to Lie, General Slothfulness, and Habit of Wasting Time

When I make lemonade, I open a packet of Crystal Light and dump it into freshly prepared cold water.

I shy away from making lemonade from scratch because a) it will make a mess and b) it requires extra steps for those who dislike pulp (which I do).

Luckily, I am much more willing to make dinners from scratch.

I am also more willing to think about and write a new post, rather than recycle some of my greats. Even when I am tired and have a kitchen to clean, I find time to write.

I even find time to read your blogs and comment (at least most of the time).

Perhaps this is the real reason why I do not make homemade lemonade. I do not plan ahead. I blog and blog and blog and, before I know it, it is almost dinnertime. This is why I have a plethora of easy and fast meals that I make regularly.

And now, I would like to confess something: I waste far too much time on the internet each day.

What a surprise. I am sure each of you is shocked into disbelief.

Ambrosia wastes time? And, on the internet?

Yes, I do.

This leads to my second confession: my dinners are not really made from scratch. They are pseudo-home made. I usually buy pre-shredded cheese, pre-made tortellinis, and pre-made salad mixes. But, I do spend time sauteeing the veggies, cutting up more veggies, and spicing up whatever dish I am making. Heck, I rarely follow a recipe anymore! (They are all stored in my noggin.)

Now I have admitted that I am a liar, that I am lazy, and that I waste my time on the internet. How much worse can it get?

I needed to get those confessions off my chest. I was given the lemonade stand award because I show attitude and gratitude from two very lovely ladies– Kristen and Becca.

Since I have already admitted that I lie, this award should not have pricked my conscience. It did. It indicates a woman who does not tell falsehoods, slack off from housework, or frivolously waste time. So not me. Sure I have plenty of attitude, but gratitude? This is a continuing process.

I think I was awarded this to remind me of what I can be–grateful.

I happen to know some wonderful ladies that deserve this special award. I am sure these ladies neither lie or fritter away their precious time. They probably even make their own salads. I know. I think they are absolutely amazing as well.

Without further ado, I pass this fantastic award to:

Charlotte. She is the mother of 6 kids. I know she never squanders her time on the internet. I have also heard that she keeps her house in tip top shape. For real, though, this lady writes about her daily life with delightful wit! She doesn’t hide how hard rearing 6 children can be. She also doesn’t hide how grateful she is for each of her children.

Yvonne. This lady has recently sent her last kid off to college. So, if she does waste time (which I am sure she doesn’t), she has an excuse because she has no children to ignore.  In honesty, Yvonne helped me through a difficult time with her positive and encouraging remarks. I love reading her blog.

Linda. A busy mother of a teenage son (aka Barmitzvahzilla) and pre-teen daugther. Her children are too busy lying and being lazy for Linda to even compete. In the throes of teenagehood, she shows an excellent amount of humor (attitude) and thankfulness.

Mombabe: Her name says it all. Attitude? Check. Gratitude? Read her insightful posts and find out.

Motherboard: She writes “bucket fillers” to remind me of how I can be better. How could this lady be in my ranks? I salute her positivity in the midst of motherhood.

The rules for accepting this award are slightly ambiguous. You can pass it on to ten (or more or less) people who you feel exhibit Attitude and Gratitude.

Ladies, you truly are an inspiration to me.



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15 responses to “How I Make Lemonade: Reflections On My Tendency to Lie, General Slothfulness, and Habit of Wasting Time

  1. You made me laugh – and before my 2″ of allotted coffee!

    (“Homemade with Help” is what I call it. Consider it a sign of Creative Parenting Survival, and the stuff of a busy life.)

  2. Wait a second… You mean they actually sell lettuce NOT in a bag? And don’t tortellinis grow on trees??

    I’m pretty sure your confessions hold no water (or lemonade)… You seem to be full of gratitude!

    Can’t wait to check out these blogs!

  3. Nicki

    Congratulations on the award, Ambrosia. Have to say I spend too much time on the internet – especially in the winter – and tend to buy short cuts to my homemade dinners also.

  4. Thanks for the giggles! And for the slightly creepy feeling that comes from having a wee bit too much in common with someone…

  5. I never waste time on the Internet…ahem. I guess I’m a liar, too. You crack me up!

  6. A lying sloth? I knew there was something I liked about you. Takes one to love one, I guess! 🙂

  7. Maybe we just need to redefine what’s a waste of time because I spend entirely to much time online. My kids are 16 and 18, no diapers anymore. Diapers have been replaced with the “stuff of teens” and that’s no better. I’d take a dirty diaper over having my son who blamed it on the bacon, come home intoxicated anyday…. 🙂 We’re Mom’s! We’re entitled to waste our time with whatever it is we want! Its our time to waste when needed and recharge the ole’ batteries. 🙂

    My confession today anyway, I have no intention to do the dishes. They’ll sit there clean in the rack with a few dirty ones in the sink until tomorrow. That my friend, is lazy! 🙂 But I’m okay with it 😉

  8. I hear you, sister! Before I know it, it’s 15 minutes ’til dinner and I have nothing planned. So I reluctantly log off the computer and try to scramble up something. But it’s never a “waste of time” reading the blogs out there (especially yours!)

  9. Thank you, dear dear Ambrosia for the lemonade stand! I will not tell my sweet, innocent children that you referred to them as liars (who, them?) because it would really shock them… (They just lied to me and told me they cleaned their rooms.)

    About this dinner thing: I don’t understand. I thought dinner was ready when the microwave beeps. 🙂

    I also feel guilty about my time on the Internet but I temper the guilt with all the joy I’ve found in this community. I’d be lonely without it.

  10. There is a scratch deeper than that scratch? I’ve been lying for years, although I’d like to claim ignorance. (Shredded cheese is the only way to go!) Also, I have an unnatural love of crystal light. That stuff is delicious!

    Thanks for the kind words. My house is indeed kept in tip top shape. It looks just you tipped it on it’s top. And I never squander my time online. Beating my sisters’ score in bejeweld blitz is, after all, necessary for survival.

  11. Oh, you are too sweet. Thank you for your kind words and the sweet award. I may not have children at home but they are still out there for me to ignore ; )

    I love Crystal Light–I don’t even know if I’VE EVER made the “real” stuff ; ) I hate grating cheese because frankly, I usually grate a knuckle or two. Salad at our house usually always comes from a bag.

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