Dear Alden,

When you were a baby, I was your favorite.  Only I could read you stories.  Only I could comfort when fear and sadness betook your little soul.  Only I could wipe away your tears.

We shared a room. You in your crib, me in my bed.  Often, though, you would end up snuggled next to me in my bed.  I cherished those moments.

Alden, during the turmoil of my teenage years you made me smile.  You brought me blossoms of joy, nestled sweetly in a vase of love.  The bright, red petals smelled sweetly of delight–the feeling I felt when you kissed my cheek or gave me a hug.  The long, strong stems held the delicate flowers–much like you, in all your innocence, held my delicate spirit. This joy, thankfully, never wilted.  It continued to brighten my many dark moments.

One day, it was time for you to move in with your brothers.  It was time for you to grow and become independent.

That was a sad, dark day.  You cried and cried, pounding your little fists against the door.

Unfortunately, I was a self-absorbed teenager.

I am glad you forgave  me.  I am honored that you still consider me your favorite sister.

You inspire me. You, with your many, many struggles exert extraordinary amounts of effort in school.   I know–I see–how much you fight. In my eyes, you win.  Everyday.

Even though your war against Asperger’s is ongoing (and one that, unfortunately, will yield no permanent victory), you do not let it wear you down.  You are courageous.

Dear brother, you are now on the threshold of your teenage years.  You have so much to look forward to.

You make me proud to be your older sister.

As you keep fighting, know that I am by your side.



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16 responses to “Dear Alden,

  1. I wasn’t close to my younger siblings until they became adults. I think it is lovely that you have a relationship with them when they are still young!

  2. What a lovely tribute to your brother. And this line – “You brought me blossoms of joy, nestled sweetly in a vase of love” – is just perfect. Gorgeous.

  3. Nicki

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Aww. Gorgeous letter to Alden, and gorgeous photo, too!

  5. I love the picture and the letter. How lucky you are to have each other.

  6. Thanks for my comment on my guest post at the Never True Tales. This is a lovely letter…wish I could come up with something half this nice to say about my siblings!

  7. What a wonderful way to celebrate your brother. He sounds like an amazing sibling, friend, and guy!

  8. Such a lovely tribute!

  9. How wonderful for your mother that you were there to help her and to comfort Alden, Amber! And what a great young uncle he is to Manly – what a picture!

  10. How sweet for both of you that you shared a bedroom and snuggled up with one another. As everyone else has remarked, this is a lovely piece, Amber.

  11. What a very sweet post. Your brother is a very lucky boy to have a sister who can see him for who he is.
    Thanks for the invite to read your other post. I know how it feels to always look on the other side of the fence. I promise that after they hit three it gets a little easier. 🙂

  12. An amazing, wonderful tribute to your brother and the bond you both share! Simply beautiful!

  13. Real family. And real examples of love for you to pass along to your children. Beautiful.

  14. Debbie Willson

    considering i only found your blog a few minutes ago i have sure gone thro many emotions! you sound like you are one awesome person!

    • Range of emotions? That about describes my writing. I probably border on the melancholy, but I can be funny! I promise! (At least in my head.)

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