Please Be Mine, Dear Swing

Dear Swing,

I wasn’t sure of you at first.  Your bulk seemed too much for our little living space,  your utility not yet discovered.  I thought you would be gone before the end of the week.

I was wrong.

Too soon,  Manly developed colic.  I rocked and rocked but could not console.  I passed him off to Mr. B.  His patience worn thin,  he placed Manly inside your welcoming arms.

He was asleep within seconds.

This seemed a minor fluke, so we tried again the next night.  You succeeded in proving us wrong.

From that time forward, you rocked Manly.  He slept without interruption for hours at a time.  You became our beacon of sleep.

All too soon you showed your weakness: batteries.  With your life slowly dwindling, I slept on the couch, manually pushing the swing.  The batteries needed to bring electric juices in your weary body were put at the top of our grocery list.  With life restored, you resumed your place as Manly’s bed.

When Manly’s colic diminished, I took over, thinking I could do better.  Now, my tired eyes look over your shiny, metallic skin.  I think pleasureful thoughts of sleep filled nights.

I know I have neglected you, but I promise to do better.  If I buy you batteries, will you be mine again?



This letter is part of Momalom‘s Love It Up challenge.



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18 responses to “Please Be Mine, Dear Swing

  1. Liz

    Ha. I nearly burned out my swing with my colicky one. There were many days I fantasized about putting myself into that sucker.

  2. I just passed our swing along to my cousin and her brand new baby girl. And you know what it has? A plug!

    But my boys were never really swingers so ours never got much use. They were the vibrating, bouncy seat kind of guys. 🙂

  3. Neither of my kids would tolerate a swing, but I tried to convince them! Javi would pass out within minutes of being put in it, but he screamed bloody murder during those minutes. Bella quickly learned to kick her foot up on the legs (it was a travel swing) and stop the swinging motion. She’d then scream to get out.

    But I understand your love. I’ve heard it proclaimed by many, many mothers!

  4. Ah yes, the beloved swing. Both my kids loved the swing and Luke NEEDED the swing. He was colicky too and it was my saving grace. I wish my family room couch swung…

  5. Autumn

    Haha wow I thought that swing was dying. I guess it just likes eating batteries like no other. Brody loved that swing! Hope it continues to help 🙂

  6. lvquiltergirl

    Brought tears to my eyes remembering the swing!! My best friend but in those days they had cranks and everytime you cranked it back up it would wake them up!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, her looks are either fake smile and suprized of dead eyes. Gotta love the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome!

  7. Your boy is a swinger! Already! (A taste of things to come??)

    I would send a Saint Bernard with batteries if I could. He’d have quite a trek to get to you. But yes, a wonderful invention, that swing. Almost as good as the hula hoop, the slinky, and Playdough.

  8. I have a beautiful image in my mind of our first born rocking rocking rocking when he was just a wee little thing. Boys two and three did not take to it as much but I think it was only due to the fact that I was on the go so much they didn’t have much time to get settled in. And also? I was a sucker for sticking them in their cribs cause Mama always needed some SPACE.


    Thank you so much for the entry! I think I’ll be keeping it traditional and writing a love note to my man next week! Stay tuned.

    • You did say we could write more than one, right? Because I have an excellent love letter brewing for my husband. Gets me excited just thinking about it.

  9. I went through THREE swings in my time with infants. I loved them, but I guess it was an abusive relationship…

    I loved them greatly, but was also very glad to have the ugly home decor out of my house for good!

  10. Three words: I want one!

  11. Miss D. loved her swing. It eased her colic so much that (shhhhh) we often let her sleep in it.

    I am with you in my full adoration and love for the swing.

  12. It’s amazing how much you can love kid paraphernalia that gives you a break! Of course, it’s not like you can leave them unsupervised in the swing, but still! Love your love letter, Amber!

  13. Nicki

    Batteries? Plugs? Again, I am showing my age. My swing – just one for six kids – was wound up. LOL!

    I love this and loved that swing when I was a young mom.

  14. Oh sweet swing! When my first son was born 14 years ago we had the wind-up variety. I would crank that sucker up and know I had 30 min. to do whatever I needed to. It was a lifesaver and my sister-in-law has just had her first, with the swing being the only way that child will sleep, so they leave him in it all night long! (Click, click, click…) My third and fourth babies wouldn’t have anything to do with the swing and it was VERY frustrating. Wasn’t expecting that! Yahoo for your swing-lovin’ baby!

  15. When my first was a baby 18 years, almost 19 years ago, swings weren’t made as good as they are now. I had one that did NOT have batteries, that thing was a wind up and every time I wound it up, the winder was LOUD and woke him up. LOL Glad to know they’re worthy of our love nowadays 🙂

  16. Allyson

    Oh my word, William practically lived in his swing for the first few months of his life! He just seemed happier there than in my arms for the few minutes I could hold him without having to get up for Anna or to change his (or her) diaper or any other of the million reasons why I would have to put him down. We went through batteries like they were going out of style, but it was well worth it. And now Will is older and will snuggle with me any time I want. I’ll take it.

  17. Jen

    Oh you lucky momma, to have a babe enjoy the swing. Only one of mine did for more than just a few weeks. Those times were good ones though. Happy for us all!