Love Letter to Mr. B; Reader Be Warned–It Is Mushy

To my darling Mr. B:

You were head over heels in love with me before we started dating.  You knew we would eventually marry.  I was young, immature, and reticent to absolve all future potential endeavors of love.  My thinking was rational but love had a different idea.  I felt the first inkling one night,  a few months into dating you.   You may remember this night,  it was the first time you sang to me.

You stopped the car by my front door,  grabbed my hand before I could open the door,  and told me you had a present for me.

You grabbed a CD, put it into your CD player,  pressed skip until you found the song you were looking for.  I breathlessly waited,  wondering what you had in store.  When I heard the first bar,  I recognized the melody.  While caressing my hand,  you sang,  in your melodious tenor,  our song,  our first song:  “How Forever Feels.”  I was entranced.

A year later,  I forlornly waved good-bye as you embarked on a 2 year mission in the service of our Lord and Savior.   I was soon packing my own bags to head to college.

In your absence, I devoted millions of tears to your memory.  That first year   I only listened to upbeat music devoid of any love references.  I thrust your presence from my mind.

Yet,  my body and spirit ached for our reunion.

When you had 6 months left,  I turned on our songs again.  I still couldn’t bear to listen to our first song,  so I listened to one  song that brightened my life: Here’s to the Night.  Yes, I cried but I was drawn to this song like a moth to open fire.  It brought peace and anguish.  Most of all, it brought love to my thirsty soul.

When you came home,  we resumed our plans for marriage.  We felt no need to postpone the inevitable so we arranged for a quiet, private ceremony to be held a few weeks thence.

Do you remember taking my hand,  leading me to the dance floor,  and holding my body close as we danced to our wedding song?  Do you remember singing along with Clint Black‘s crooning voice,

When I said I do,  I meant that I will ’til the end of all time

Be faithful and true,  devoted to you

That’s what I had in mind,  when I said I do

Do you remember kissing my neck whispering in my ear how much you loved me?

I do.  I still tremble when thinking about your sweet touch that first night.

Here we are,  two years and two kids later.  Since our lives are busy with the preoccupations that accompany “the real world” and parenting,  we have turned to a song with sultry lyrics.  A song that arouses passion while capturing the muted tones representing our love.

We have turned to The Closer I Get To You.

Mr. B, I love you more now than I did when we were first married.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


Your Eternal Wife

This is part of Momalom’s Love It Up challenge as well as Chocolate on My Cranium’s Wordfull Wednesday: Love Songs .



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35 responses to “Love Letter to Mr. B; Reader Be Warned–It Is Mushy

  1. Jen

    Woo Hoo! This is so lovely. So touching. You and your Mr. B are a lucky couple, with a couple of lucky kids. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. (I LOVE mushy.)

    • Thank you, Jen (and Sarah), for an awesome new idea!! Putting my love for Mr. B into words really inspired me to treat him better. Maybe I should write him a love letter whenever I get upset!! (But…then again…) : )

  2. That was beautiful! Its amazing how one song can bring on so many memories. And mushy IS good!

  3. So mushy but SO beautiful! I love it. You are lucky to have found one another and to have such a loving life. Thanks for sharing this heartwarming note!

  4. Great way to take a trip down love’s memory lane through music.

  5. Awwwwwwwwww!!!!! This is sooo sweet my teeth hurt. I love this. I love love!

  6. What wonderful songs, and I loved reading about your romance with Mr. B. Happy Valentine’s day to you both!

    • I think the best part about this is that I finally documented our wonderful story. Happy (early) Valentine’s Day to you and your love!!

  7. You are so lucky to have found such a wonderful man so early in life, Amber. It must have been hard to wait those two years but how romantic on your wedding day, and how great that your love withstood the test of time.

    • Those 2 years were hard. But, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It reaffirmed our love and has helped pull us through the hard times we experience so frequently now.

  8. I love the way I feel right now. Peaceful love. Strong love. Eternal love.

    Thank you, Amber. From the moment I started reading your blog Mr. B. has always been a part of you, and this letter shows us even more the bond you two share. Thank you. It may be just the inspiration I need to FINALLY start my own love letter.

  9. Alice Anne

    Thanks for your comment! I’m all about smooth and seductive R&B. Ha ha.

    This post was really cute! 🙂 And I just so happen to loooove Here’s to the Night! It came out close to the time I graduated high school… it felt like a good graduation/prom song.

  10. I bet your hubby is going to cherish this letter. Lovely.

  11. Noteworthy

    What a great love story! it has a good soundtrack too. 🙂

  12. Ah! You are still in the honeymoon stage. I love it! It is so sweet and from the heart.

    Thanks for visiting my blog recently, I’m trying to catch up on visiting some of my new visitors. It’s always fun to meet new people.

  13. Nicki

    This is beautiful, Amber!

  14. Every time I think of the two years you spent apart, I am even more impressed by the love and commitment you and Mr.B have for each other.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

  15. What a sweet love letter to your husband!

  16. I love hearing other people’s love stories. Thanks for sharing yours, it is very sweet. My heart still pitter patters from when my husband (then boyfriend) first sang to me.

  17. (Big sigh of satisfaction)
    Don’t you just love the magic of new love?
    And then the familiar comfort of married love.
    It’s the best.

  18. Abolutely beautiful! Sometimes mushy is good, real good!

  19. Oh my. That totally made my day. Mush is good.
    Thanks for sharing!! I hope you both have some quiet time this weekend for each other. So so sweet.

  20. Wow. What a love story.