Hold Your Tongue!

A few weeks ago,  I was excitedly announcing how well Manly sleeps.  8 hours every night.  So what if he goes to bed at midnight?

That was a few weeks ago.  Now I wish that I had held my tongue.   It seems that when I pridefully broadcast  my child’s excellent sleep habits,  he  reminds me who is in charge.

After that conversation,  Manly began waking up at night.  Now, he wakes up every 2 hours. Every two hours.  It’s pretty draining.

Rest assured, this post is not about sleeplessness.  It is about biting my tongue.

At the beginning of this year, I was facing life with two children and practically no other responsibilities.  I wasn’t working, I didn’t have a calling, and I was relatively new in my congregation.  To sum it all up, I was lonely and not engaged.

I flounder when I’m not busy.  I pity myself and complain too much.  So,  I began to look for opportunities to become busy.  First, I began contributing to MMB monthly.  Then,  I began contributing to Mormon Women.  After that,  I was called to serve as secretary in my congregation’s Relief Society.

My schedule is once again cluttered.  I am almost to the point of looking back and wishing I had held my tongue.  Almost.

These new responsibilities are keeping me occupied.  I am learning to prioritize my obligations.  Yes, this can be rough.  On the other hand,  I love it.  Keeping my mind and spirit actively engaged in good causes helps remind me to treasure my life as a stay-at-home mom.  It also keeps me focused on other people rather than partake in my usual bemoaning, self-centered attitude.

I am glad that I took that leap.  I have met some wonderful people,  made some new friends,  and explored different blogs than what I am accustomed to.

Still, I will bite my tongue against any inclination to praise my child’s sleeping habits.  And, if I don’t,  would you mind giving me a slap on the hand as a reminder?  I’d sure appreciate that more than sleepless nights.


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21 responses to “Hold Your Tongue!

  1. Biting your tongue is not easy. I wanted to tell my coworker to shut up at least 12 times tonight, when he would NOT STOP TALKING. But I didn’t.

  2. Kim

    So sorry to hear about the change in baby’s sleeping habits. I’ll not be mentioning how well-I mean how my baby sleeps. Don’t want to take any chances.

    I am always so much more productive when I have a full schedule. I love it. When I don’t have much I need to do, but still have plenty I should do, I don’t get anything done. You will thrive with a busy schedule. Good luck.

  3. Don’t worry Amber, Manly didn’t stop sleeping through the night because you bragged about it! He stopped because babies are unpredictable and have to turn our world topsy turvy. I certainly haven’t figured anything out yet. I’m writing this from my office with my ten-year-old daughter ensconced on the couch – her favorite place to sleep, near me!

  4. I’m smiling at this. You know you aren’t alone. Fact is, as soon as we think we’ve figured something out with a kid, they change the rules on us. And it never stops… (It’s in the job description. I think ours is to weather it and keep going, any remnant of parental hubris long since left by the wayside.)

  5. I am glad you took this leap too. All of this busy-ness (for now) will do you a lot of good. It’ll help you get your mind straight and channel your energy in new and productive ways. Thanks for the post!

  6. Claira did the exact same thing to us. Good stretches of sleep…6-7 hours, then suddenly up every 2-3. Last night? Seven! Thank heaven! =D Hope you get your long stretches back soonly!

  7. I have been woken up every two hours the last few weeks too. I am with you in the world of the bleary eyed. I am really hoping my little chubby cheeked girl will go back to her old sleeping habits. I could handle the one wake up in the night.

    Good luck with your business. I love having things to do. It means I actually do things. When I have less stuff on my plate I tend to get nothing done. Just by having a lot to do makes me much more productive!

    • So glad you stopped by!

      My little guy is slowly returning to his old sleep habits. He is sick, so it’s a rocky return!! I hope your little girl returns to her good sleeping too!! Once a night is definitely better than 3 or 4!!

      I would call all my activities self-enrichment more than a business. (I don’t get paid for my stuff.) Still, it keeps my mind engaged and my thoughts turned outward!

  8. Oh boy. Sleepless nights, I remember those well. Those are tough days, but they will pass by all too quickly. I know it’s easy to say, but enjoy them while you can. It’s hard running on no sleep when you have so many things to do, but I’m glad that you have found value and happiness in doing them. It’s all worth it if it makes you happy.

    By the way, your kids are so cute!

    • Yes, they do pass quickly. I really like staying busy. It keeps me focused outside myself, a good thing considering I am a pretty selfish person.

  9. Oh yeah, it’s the “I opened my mouth” rule. There is also the Costco rule: As soon as you buy your child’s favorite snack at Costco, s/he will decide he doesn’t like it any more.

    You sound busy, but happy.

    • I am very familiar with the Costco rule already. Kids these days.

      I am very happy. I would describe my emotional state as bliss. Kinda weird but I’ll take it!

  10. Oh yeah! I really remember those days! However, I have found, if the baby is a good sleeper, usually the not so good periods are times of growth. As soon as that slows down a little, they go back to being a good sleeper again. (Just be careful they don’t pick up too many bad habits in the meantime. My weakness is letting them sleep with me!)

  11. Just visiting from “Memories for Later” and after reading down to your comment post, thought I should say hi! 😉 I enjoyed what I read, and hope that your baby starts sleeping again…now that you posted it, maybe it will do the trick. Sleep deprivation is overrated!

  12. Ah, yes. Without fail, whenever I pride myself on something going well, things take a turn for the worse. Everything in my house is made of wood because I’m ALWAYS knocking on it.

    I also love to be busy… the best cure for the crankies in my house is when I have something to occupy my mind.

  13. The only thing kids do consistently is make you a liar. Whenever you say they do something someway, they change it. Good luck with the sleeping. Maybe by talking about the 2 hours thing he will make you a liar again and start sleeping?

  14. Kimmie

    All I can say is be careful what you wish for. 🙂

  15. haha…and I was just bragging about how good my little guy is at keeping his pants dry…yep, I should have known better.