To My Little (Big) Brother Austin:

Once upon a time,  I prayed and asked God how I could juggle pregnancy and a 6-month old baby.  He answered me by sending you.

I would sit in my rocking chair, holding my little baby, a bowl within reach, and rock and rock–seeking some relief from the constant nausea.  You would feed and diaper the Queen,  clean the dishes,  and wash the laundry.

When I was feeling blue from the constant sickness,  you’d put on my favorite movies.   I smiled when I saw how much you enjoyed Sense and Sensibility. You fell in love with Elinor Dashwood and cheered on her romance with Mr. Edward Ferrars.

Those mornings when I cried because of the constant vomiting,  you would send me off to bed with a promise that you would take care of the Queen.

You and Mr. B got along swimmingly.   You kept his mind away from his crazy, sick wife and helped him relax.  You watched the Queen so he could take me somewhere to eat.  The companionship of another male was exactly what Mr. B needed to handle a very tough semester.

I can’t forget how you helped me see the humor in my sickness–laughing over my new “diet,”  and reminding me that it was worth it.

The time came for you to leave.  I’m sure feelings had been hurt,  as they are apt to be in a small space with three adults,  but you have remained a favorite of the Queens and an excellent friend to Mr. B.

And now you are turning 19.  You will be leaving for your mission to Peru soonly.  I will miss you.

It is strange to think of you,  my 6 foot brother, as my little brother.  But you are and will always remain so.

Happy Birthday little (big) brother!



If you have time, will you leave some birthday wishes to my sweet brother?  He will be reading them!



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20 responses to “To My Little (Big) Brother Austin:

  1. I’m totally impressed that you (Austin) did so much for your sister’s family. Amazing!

    Have a great birthday and good luck on the mish!

  2. That is so sweet. What I love about you is your compassion and your love for those in your life. Don’t ever lose the ability to share that. It is special.

  3. Happy birthday, Austin! Any guy who loves Jane Austen movie adaptations is a friend of mine. Buena suerte en Peru.

  4. So great!! I love it!

    Happy Happy Birthday Austin! Sounds like you are well versed in service already, which will give him a huge leg up on your mission.

  5. Happy 19th Birthday, Austin! Lucky you to have a great sister like Amber and lucky her to have a great brother who loves being an uncle!

  6. Nicki

    Happy Birthday, Austin!

  7. ck

    What a beautiful post. You are so blessed to have a relationship like this with your brother.

  8. Happy birthday! Good luck on your mission!

    I’m glad you had someone there to help you out for a while, especially if you’re sick

    My sister lived with me for several months after #4 was born. She saved my life (it was also the first several months of Peter’s residency, across the country from any other family).

  9. Happy Birthday, Austin! You sound like a wonderful brother, diapering babies and taking care of the dishes. Hey, you wouldn’t want another big sister, wouldja?

  10. Oh, awesome! I loved this!

    And Happy Birthday and congrats!! Where in Peru are you going? My husband served in Lima Central and LOVED it. He uses his spanish in his job everyday.

    • Austin

      I am going to Trujillo’s Peru pretty close! but i have heard great things about it and am very excited!!! Thank you!

  11. Austin

    Thank you all!! I am very grateful for my wonderful sister she is awesome!! Love you Amber!!

    • Lisa S

      Austin – We don’t know each other but I am truly impressed by your selflessness to your sister’s needs. Good luck on your mission…you will be an effective and loving missionary..

  12. What an awesome relationship you two must have. I hope my kids end up this close!

    Happy Birthday to an awesome sounding guy!

  13. Awwww, what an awesome (big) little brother! Happy, happy birthday, Austin! Have an amazing time in Peru and thanks for keeping an eye out for one my favorite bloggers!

  14. Eva

    Wow, what a great brother – just one more member of your great family! Seems like it was meant to be, that he was able to stay with you and Mr. B during a very difficult time. Sometimes things come together so beautifully.

    I have a little brother too, who is much younger and much taller than me! He sounds more and more like our dad – and I’m going to him for advice on home repairs, cars, etc. – so it’s a funny role reversal. Still getting used to the idea of him as an adult.

  15. Austin, you are an amazing young man. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    My sister has done two medical missions to Peru and counts those experiences as among the most remarkable and inspiring in her life. I can’t wait to hear how the mission goes for you.

  16. Such a beautiful birthday wish. Happy birthday!

  17. Lisa S

    He is a gem….he was trained well and had some good mentors…..I have an almost 20 year old daughter who would do the same for anyone.

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