Winter Is Banned From My Household

I am not a fan of winter.  Yeah, I know that not very many people are.  But, I am not just talking about the cold. I’m talking about the sickness.  It seems that every winter me, B, and/or the kids come down with something pretty icky.  This winter is no different.

After a very long (read: sleepless) night,  I decided to take Manly to the doctor.   I explained to the doctor that I thought he might have an ear infection.  He checked.  Nope.  I related to him that RSV is making its rounds around my neighborhood.  So, he checked Manly’s lungs.

Within a minute he said, “Well, looks like he has RSV.”

“You’re kidding me,” I said, with a dumfounded grin.  (I always grin when I’m unsettled.)

“Nope.  I’m giving you a prescription for the suction clinic at the hospital.”

Nice.  Oh, and on top of that?  Strep.  Rectal strep.

And here I thought I was just going in for an ear infection.  I will admit that I barely kept myself composed while talking to the doctor.  RSV is not something I wanted to hear.

So, the point of all this?  I am banning winter from my house.  Also, I won’t be commenting on very many of your blogs for a little while.  Know that I am there and reading.  Right now Manly needs me to focus on him.

Would you please pray for my little guy?  He really needs it.



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21 responses to “Winter Is Banned From My Household

  1. Nicki

    You know you don’t even need to ask. Prayers on their way!

  2. The poor little guy! Sending prayers. (and big hopes that spring comes SOON!)

  3. Oh drat! Winter and illness be gone!

    Well wishes for your littlest guy!

  4. RSV? That is not sounding good.
    Have hope–it should get better the older they get. Kids are always sicker when they are younger and building their immune systems.
    Always scary though when it is your baby:(

  5. Rectal strep? I had no idea that was even a thing? And I’m sad that I know now, because that means your little one has it!

  6. Dad

    I will pray for that little guy and for all of you as well!

  7. Of all the places to get strep … his rectum? Poor Manly! Do your mama thing, lady. We’re praying for you!

  8. Virtual hugs and all good things, sent your way to you and your family.

  9. “Suction clinic” and “rectal strep” are not terms I like to hear, especially when referring to sweet little babies. So sorry to hear this news. Sending all my best wishes to Manly and to his lovely Mom. xoxo

  10. All three of my boys had RSV one winter. When MayDay was three months old, and the twins were three. And my crazy husband was backpacking in the snow and absolutely unreachable. It sucketh eggs.

    So sorry. Hope it’s short lived!

  11. You know you’ve got your mother instincts on when you show up at the pediatrician’s with the feeling that something’s just not right and, guess what? Something’s just not right. I always expect to be sent home, being told “it’s just a virus. There’s nothing we can do.” But one time they told me my son had pneumonia. Scary.

    Sorry about the RSV and strep. Manly is in my prayers, Amber.

  12. Take advantage of the sxn’ing, if you aren’t already, have him sleep with his head elevated, and make sure he stays hydrated. Don’t hesitate to take him back in if he starts looking like he’s working too hard to breathe.

    He and you have my prayers!

  13. Prayers lifted. Hope little Malnly is better soon.

  14. Oh! Goodness! Prayers for all of you.

  15. Oh honey, how worried you must be (and how exhausted to boot!). Many prayers…many many…

  16. I am sorry. That is so hard on everyone. I hope he starts to feel better soon!
    I will remember him in my prayers.

  17. That’s too bad. Hope he feels better soon!

  18. ck

    I’ll certainly pray for him! (And you guys too, I’m sure this is exhausting for everyone.)

    I think we’ll all have a huge party when spring gets here…

  19. I”m sorry I missed this post. You are such a wonderful mommy… as hard as it is to see you kiddies sick – he will pull through with the love and care that you shower on him!

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