All Things Aside, I Think I Have It Easy

My brain is whirring from all the thoughts that are being produced.  Its noises keep me awake and wake me up.

I dream about cranial nerves, heart tissue, blood characteristics, and components of the Central Nervous System.  I am haunted by exams, papers, and due dates that I have missed.

In case you’re wondering, I am not in school.  These strange dreams and clogged processes are the product of my husband’s stress.  See, he has asked that I help him study this week.  That means that I can’t blame my kids for my late nights.  No, this week I entirely blame my husband.

I’m not complaining, though, because I have it easy.  I may stay up late quizzing him, but he must take the exams and write the papers.  He also must stay up later (or all night) to complete his various assignments.

Between helping him at night, preparing meals, keeping little toddlers occupied, and nursing a growing boy, my days are quite cluttered.  I may not get around to each of your blogs daily, but I will catch you here and there.

Until then, be grateful that you aren’t preparing for medical school.  I know I am.



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39 responses to “All Things Aside, I Think I Have It Easy

  1. My husband did Paramedic school all last year. It was a tough year!

  2. ck

    I am SO grateful not to be preparing for something like med school. I can’t even being to imagine how much studying that must take.

    Your husband is so lucky to have you to help (with more than the studying). You guys are a great pair!

    • Thanks, CK!

      It is a tough road, one that we often reconsider. Yet, it seems to be the direction we need to go. Sigh.

      I think I’m getting used to it. Finally.

  3. Plenty grateful I’m not preparing for medical school – though I miss the environment of being in school. SO much to learn. It would be cool. (Without the exams, and without the tuition payments, of course.)

    And those little ones keep you very busy, don’t they!

    • I agree with you. There are many times that I miss the academic environment. Yet, Ben’s classes aren’t nearly as intellectually stimulating as mine seemed to be! They are more…scientifically stimulating. Hmmm I guess that’s the same thing.

  4. Ditto BigLittleWolf. I wish your husband much success.

  5. unabridgedgirl

    Hahah! My brother is in the last 2 years. I correct all of his papers before he hands them in. So far, we’ve scored all As and he is top of his class. Yay! I like to think I have a part in this…

    Hope you get sleep soon!

    • So, your brother is in medical school? Where is he at?

      You should request that your name be put on his diploma. : )

      The funny thing is, my husband is a born writer. He corrected ALL my papers and still corrects my blog posts. He is taking an English class this semester and is acing it. It’s kind of funny that he is being directed to medical school.

  6. Eva

    Isn’t it funny how your brain processes stuff while you sleep, taking tidbits from your day and putting them together in strange ways? Dreaming is fascinating and scary at the same time.

    I think you and your husband make a good team – he is lucky to have you!

    • Dreaming usually only occurs when you aren’t in a deep sleep. I guess that shows you that I’m really not getting quality sleep these days. Oh well. : )

  7. At first I thought you were going to talk about having those stress dreams where you think you’re in a taking a class and forgot to attend or study for it! I still get those a million years later!

    Good luck to Ben with his exams and papers!

  8. Good for you for being supportive even though it’s exhausting, and way to keep things in perspective!

  9. You tell that Mr. B. that I am proud of him for doing all that he is doing. It’s not easy on EITHER OF YOU. So.Much.Pressure. Two kids. School. MED SCHOOL. A long life ahead of you. Plans. SO many plans!

    You always amaze me, though, with your perspective. And I can see that you two love birds were made for each other.

    • I do agree with you that we were made for each other. Misery enjoys company, right? : )

      I am proud of Ben as well. Sure, I might take on all the household duties, but he has a rough load too. He gets much less sleep than I do and is constantly going. I am feeling exhausted just thinking about it!

  10. I don’t know how either of you do it. I am amazed – seriously. You should be so proud of him, and I am proud of you! For sticking by him, supporting him, helping him and making it all work. What a team you guys are!

    • It isn’t easy, but we know the pay-offs will be worth it. Eventually. I guess, though, you could say we don’t know anything else. We have both been attending school since we were married, so we don’t know what a marriage is like without the school stress. Does that make sense? Thank you for your kind words!!

  11. Hope you get some rest…just think if you do decide to go to med school, you will be prepared!

    • Oh Suzicate, it seems that medical school is inevitable. Groan. But, like you said, we are preparing ourselves for its rigorous coursework!

      Sundays are for sleeping, right? ‘Cuz that’s when we finally “catch up” on our sleep!

  12. Good for you–both of you. I really admire how hard you are both working for your family’s current and long-term good. My wife and I did something like 15 years of school with kids and it was hard, but it really brought us together. And that diploma looks REALLY good on my wall. It’s both of ours.

    • Do you have a Ph.D? (Is that rude to ask??)

      As you said, we are growing closer together. We are figuring out what works–and what doesn’t. It is good that we are in school together now because the life of a doctor isn’t any easier. At least now he can (somewhat) set his own schedule.

  13. Yeah, I am like your husband. Cramming for tests, taking quizzes. Doing homework. Man, I am getting too old for this stuff!!!

    • I think you are awesome. Going back to school must have been a tough decision! Yes, you understand all too well!!

      P.S. What are you studying?

  14. I can relate so well to what you are feeling. My husband and I both work full-time and I just finished grad school in December. During this period we had a second child. It was crucial. I often felt I had it worse because not only was I the one leaving from work straight to class I was also nursing and pumping. Ugh, just thinking about those days exhausts me.

    But I now realize that it was not any less tiring or stressful for my husband. He had to pick up where I left off. He had the ever-present pressure of making sure I had the time I needed to study/write papers. He carried the emotional burden of always trying to make me happy. That was sometimes an impossible feat!

    So, yes, I am so grateful to not be preparing for medical school! And I am also grateful to make your acquaintance on your wonderful blog.

    • Oh Celeste, I understand. My husband and I were both attending school and working when our first came along. I had 2 1/2 semesters left when I found out I was pregnant with my second. (He and his sister are 14 months apart). So, I decided to take load the classes on until I finished. I graduated 3 months before he came.

      It was hard. Dang hard. I am still amazed that I survived it!

      Yet, I wasn’t working full-time. we were both working part-time. I can’t imagine how rough it was for both of you!

  15. Good luck to both of you! I suppose it makes me happy that doctors have to work so hard since their jobs are so important. But I imagine that’s not particularly comforting to you this week, eh? 🙂

    • Doctors certainly have to work hard. You can feel comfortable with that knowledge!! Yet, the rigors of the coursework don’t necessarily pertain to doctoring. Often, students are studying for the MCAT and those who aren’t great test takers, but would make good doctors, are kind of screwed. Not a very efficient system.

      (That said, my husband will have no trouble getting into a med school. His grades are excellent. Not that I’m bragging…)

  16. All of your (and his) hard work will pay off one day — and it’ll be an achievement you earned together.

  17. You’re doing awesome.

  18. My husband took the MCAT the year we were dating, as well as the optometry school admissions test (the OAT). He applied to both med school and optometry school the first year we were married, and after some soul searching and serious conversations with a couple of MDs, he decided to go the OD route and we moved to Memphis on our first anniversary. It was HARD. H.A.R.D. But. Now it’s over. He’s been out of school for . . . oh, my. 8 years. And we just finished paying off our student loans. And it was well worth the sacrifices we made even if we couldn’t see it while we were in the trenches.

    So hang in there. It’s exhausting, but, oh, so valuable!

    • I had a feeling you would understand.

      My husband has looked at all options, but he isn’t too interested in OD. Really, the med school decision is us following the Spirit. I can’t tell you how many times he has come home, ready to quit. Miraculously, usually that night, the Spirit comforts him and he knows he is doing what he needs to be doing.

      I am terribly frightened about med school. It’s already hard now! But, I figure we will just tackle that hurdle when it comes. In the end, we will be much stronger for these sacrifices we are making now.

  19. My husband used to chant chemical formulas while moving his hands like he was arranging boxes in his sleep while in undergrad. (He was in organic chemistry and loaded boxes for UPS early mornings). I can relate. I don’t know how they stuff so much knowledge into their brains! I didn’t help him study, though I did type his papers for him.

    • In some ways, I think undergrad is harder than med school. At least the compounding of different classes (English, Humanities, Religion).

      I help Ben memorize Anatomy terms. That’s about it. Oh, and I “edit” his papers. He is an awesome writer so my editing is usually to correct APA formatting. That’s my specialty.

  20. You guys are awesome! I honestly don’t know how anyone gets through med school! That is crazy hard!

    But Go Team Amber and Hubs!

    • I know!! I am still amazed that we are doing this….What ARE WE THINKING?!?!? Some things we just can’t explain.

      P.S. What kind of doctor is your husband? (Does that question even make sense?)

  21. Kim

    There is always someone who has it worse off than us, right? Are you sleeping peacefully yet? Or still dreaming of medical terms. Good luck to both of you.

  22. Juggling Motherhood

    Love your blog title 😉 (welcome to wordpress btw)

  23. That’s so funny because I have dreams about being in school sometimes too and not being ready for tests or forgetting I had homework. And I am 10 years out of school now and don’t have any real excuse…must be the guilty conscience I carry around with me I guess.