Could You Spare a Sec?

A week ago I sat down to write out my mother’s story.  I called her to verify a few details, and wrote, deleted, wrote, deleted some more, and finished the post.  With the same fluttering heart I have felt from day one of this blog adventure, I pressed “publish” and sent out her story for all of you to read.  I then submitted it to the writing contest.

I was checking the results of that contest today and found out that my post was picked as one of the 6 finalists.


I quickly e-mailed my husband to share the good news.  After that, I thought through how I could share with all of you.  The deal is, you get to vote which post should win.  It is a hard choice, too!  All the submissions were wonderful!

In the end, this is what I came up with.  Me, my words, and a request.

In your spare time (what is that again?), would you click on over here and vote for me? That is, if you think it’s the best post.  There is a poll over on the side bar–mine is the first entry (Little Miracles).  You have until Friday to cast your vote!

That is all.

How do you end a post like this?  Shall I tell you that I’m hyperventilating over asking you?  Well, I am.  I think I’ll just hit publish before I chicken out…



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15 responses to “Could You Spare a Sec?

  1. I saw that! Congrats! Hope you win.

  2. Wow, congratulations!! Heading over there now …

  3. Amber, you sweet thing, congrats! That is very exciting! I’ll be checking it out, for sure.

  4. Sounds great, Amber. I’m off to check it out…

  5. That’s awesome! Went over and happily casted my vote for you 🙂

  6. Totally voted for you!! Here’s hoping you win. I’m gonna go back tomorrow and vote again.

  7. I went. I voted. 🙂 Good luck!

  8. It’s a beautiful entry. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

  9. That is very cool. Congratulations!

  10. Thanks, everyone! This was kind of hard to put out there and I appreciate all of your support!

  11. ck

    Is it wrong that I tried to vote twice? (They didn’t let me, BTW.) 🙂

    Congrats and good luck!

  12. Congratulations! I just voted for you.

  13. wow…congrats and good luck!

  14. Awesome! Off to stuff the ballot box. 🙂

  15. I voted for ya. You are an excellent writer. I hope you win!