There’s Nothing Like a Good Random Post

Andrew is sleeping through the night, but I am still exhausted.  Rather than blog during their nap time, I have been sleeping.  Maybe in a week I won’t feel as tired? Maybe? PLEASE?!


My kitchen is a wreck.  It is disgusting enough that we have been eating in our living room and now our living room is a mess.  I guess we’ll be moving to our bedrooms soon.


I laugh when Emily says “no.”  Especially when she is talking to her toys.

Talking dog: “Can you give me a hug?”

Emily: “No way!”


I have two hickeys.  That’s right, two.  I am not ashamed.  (I would take pictures for you but my camera is broken.  I will tell you this–they are very visible.)


Because of some recent health problems, sitting and standing are very painful.  I am crossing my fingers that whatever it is lets up.  That said, I will be spending the majority of my weekend lying down.  Have fun for me, okay?



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27 responses to “There’s Nothing Like a Good Random Post

  1. I love you for writing about hickies. You’re my hero.

    Sorry about the health problems! Ick, no fun! Seriously, mommies should not be allowed health problems.

    Where’s the complaint box?

  2. Two hickeys?! You go, girl! Sending love (although apparently you don’t need it…ahem…) and healthy vibes your way. xoxo

  3. I’m feel ya being tired. Hang in there girl! Maybe the hickeys are keeping you from sleeping?

  4. I feel so lame. I have had a hickey since we were just engaged.

  5. One question: is the not being able to sit or stand in any way related to the hickeys? There’s two ways to look at it. 🙂

    Feel better, sweet girl, though I know Ben will take care of you!

  6. Melanie J

    My toddler just picked up “No way!” and I don’t even try to suppress the giggles.

  7. SO glad you’re sleeping.

    SO glad when you’re not sleeping, you’re enjoying some of the good stuff.

    Clean kitchens are highly overrated.

  8. I’m with Sarah — it seems highly convenient that you have 2 hickeys, aren’t getting sleep at night, and need to be in a horizontal position all weekend. I’m onto you!

    (In all seriousness, I hope you’re okay. Take care of yourself!)

  9. Two hickeys???? You rock!

    About the kitchen? Hmmmmm, do less hickey-making!
    You are a riot!

  10. My rule is hickeys have to be covered by normal clothing. I’m paranoid that way.

    I’ve been exhausted since I got home, maybe we both got sick. I bet the illness includes a wrecked kitchen, because I have that, too.

  11. Love your random musings in this post. The hickeys are priceless. Sending you health and plenty of rest.

  12. Amber! What rock have I been hiding under? I saw your comment on MommyJ’s site and jumped on over here. I’m a follower now. 🙂

  13. I missed CBC today!

    I loved your random thoughts!

  14. LOL, Amber. Do more random posts.

  15. Hope you get feeling better soon!

  16. This made me laugh 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

  17. Jealous about hickies AND babies sleeping through the night.

    I hope your body is better soon!

  18. Are you kidding me? If you have hickies, than lady you are leading much more exciting life than most of us 🙂 And the hickies would lead me to think that you are so tired for a reason (kidding!) Take care of yourself!

  19. unabridgedgirl

    Two hickeys. LOL Love it!

    I hope you get better soon!

  20. unabridgedgirl


  21. Eva

    I LOVE random posts like this Amber! Thanks for sharing this little snapshot of your life right now. Way to go on the hickeys – he he!

  22. Nicki

    I am laughing at Sarah’s way of looking at your situation.

    And, I am joining BLW in saying clean kitchens are overrated (although mine will need to be cleaned before my mother comes to visit).

    Here’s hoping you are healed and having more hickeys soon.

  23. Between babies and hickies, there’s always something keeping us moms up at night. 😉

  24. I so remember our eating in the bedroom days… =P

    Feel better, okay? I’m worried about you.

  25. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Hickeys…woohoo!

  26. I’m so late to this–sorry! Amber, I hope you are feeling better…there’s nothing more agonizing than being bedridden!

    I think it’s cute about the “no.” 🙂

  27. Who needs a clean kitchen when you’ve got hickeys?? (Also, I’m a little behind in Blogland … Hope you got some rest and are feeling better!)