I Am So Talented

One of the big themes I see over and over again in the blog world is balance.

Well, boy howdy, I have found the solution.

At least for me.

Go ahead and pat me on the back.

Oh, what is that? You want to know my secret?

My secret is simple:  husband found a new job in which he is working nights.  Brilliant,  really.

Now that he is no longer around to tempt me into spending time with him,  I have commandeered my nights and whipped them into cleaning action.  I wash dishes,  sweep and mop floors,  vacuum the messy carpet,  and wash, fold, and put away laundry.

I am like the super cleaning woman.


I’m feeling tired just reading that!

All right, it isn’t as hard as it sounds.  Considering we only live in 500 sq ft, the floors take like 10 minutes to clean; the laundry room shares space with our only bathroom; and it takes like 4 seconds to walk from room to room.  Living in a small space does have its advantages.

I have decided to ignore household chores and the internet while my kids are awake–otherwise known as taking long walks and playing in the park–so I use the four or five hours after they go to bed for my time.  My time to blog, write, and clean.

It’s splendid really.

Except for the fact that my husband is gone and that I miss him greatly.

Sometimes, though, I choose to see the positives.

Like a clean house.



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39 responses to “I Am So Talented

  1. You’re brilliant. As much for how you’re using that time as for how you’re choosing to see it. Sorry about your guy being gone in the evenings – that’s not easy.

  2. I found a solution too. Childlessness.

    • OK. This is where my logic is flawed–childlessness would save me quite a bit of time. Thanks for rubbing it in my face Kristina!

  3. Yeah, nighttime is my time to clean, too! Mostly because in order to vacuum, toys have to be off the floor, which don’t happen with my kids if they are awake.

    And it’s nice right after I put them to bed, to straighten up and do dishes for an half hour or hour, and then I have the rest of the night to relax in my clean house. And it’s marvelous to wake up to a clean house, too.

    Sorry about the hubby working nights – totally know how that is! With the exception of our first year of marriage, my husband hasn’t gotten home before 8:30 p.m. for 6 days a week. He may get a job now where he works a normal 9-5, and I honestly don’t know what I am going to do with him around in the evenings. Will REALLY be weird. But good.

  4. Melanie J

    The more TV I watch, the cleaner my house is. I do everything on commercials.

    • I like this idea. Cleaning + entertainment is the best way to spend the evening.

      • ck

        I listen to audiobooks, so you can always tell by the appearance of my house when I get a new one.

        PS: Good for you for finding the positives. Your husband is a lucky man to have you supporting him during this time.

  5. I hated when Hubby works nights, I was never wise enough to put the time to good use.

    You go girl on being on top of it.

  6. Unfortunately, with him about to start med school, he’ll probably have quite a few nights away so your home will be scrupulously clean for a while, and you can keep up with your bloggy friends! I guess that’s one way to keep balanced!

  7. Good for you!

    I had a boost of energy last night for some reason, too. My hubby took our son to baseball practice and I went crazy – sweeping, mopping, dishes, laundry. I was exhausted afterward, but it really felt good to get it done and to have a clean house!

    Sounds like you have a good plan. I hope you can keep up your energy level to keep it up!

    • Me too, Shannon, me too. I am finding that I sleep much better at night! Plus, it keeps me from eating away my stress. Well, except for that little bowl of ice cream I share with my husband when he does get home. I have to have something to look forward to! ; )

  8. Small spaces do have that advantage! Also, they have a feeling of coziness. Good plan.

    • We like to make our space extremely cozy, that’s why we have a large assortment of chairs in our tiny living room. At least we can fit lots of guests!

  9. Actually this works for me too! My husband is around most nights, but those that he isn’t are often my most productive (that is, after the kids are in bed). Doing the dinner crunch solo is NO fun, and I don’t envy you that.

    But a clean house when they are in bed, that is worth the extra effort. Peaceful, calming, for however short a period.

    • Sadly, our dinners have been peanut butter sandwiches lately. Cooking for a picky toddler is not very fun. Hey, at least my calorie consumption is going down!

  10. I know exactly what you mean! When my husband is away on a business trip I get so much done in the evenings and somehow the house never seems to need quite as much caring for either. I love the quiet of the house once my daughter is in bed and the freedom to roam and do what I want and not feel guilty at not spending time with him.

    But him working nights must be tough for you both in many ways, not really having much time together or as a family.

    • Yeah, family time is limited. When he has a day off, we make good use of it. Really, I am extremely jealous of his time, so we don’t hang out with other people very often. Frankly, I would rather have him spend time with us than have all of us spend time with another couple. My inner hermitness maybe?

  11. Yep! I am ridiculously more productive whenmy husband is not home…but that’s really only because it’s like having a 3rd child at times 🙂

  12. This made me smile. I love your ability to look on the bright side.

    And I’m so grateful to you for sharing the solution to the balance problem. Note to self: ask Husband to take on a second job at night. Then I’ll really start getting things done! 😉

    • I know, I am so brilliant. Hee hee. In many ways, I am jealous of how much time you have with your husband. I think, though, much of your “time” is in my imagination. I am sure he is very busy.

      To be fair, when my husband is home, I do not get on the internet nor do I clean. So, he’s home two nights out of the week during which our home becomes a disaster. I spend the next week cleaning it. I think I should come up with a more efficient plan.

  13. My hubby is gone 6 nights out of the month and although I miss him, I end up catching up on writing, blogging and reading. Sometimes I do vacuum and clean bathrooms (if I am ambitious) and when he comes home in the morning, he is appreciative of the clean digs.

  14. That’s how it works here 🙂 Hubby spends time putting the kids to bed and going to the gym, and that’s my time to do all this.
    It’s excellent!

  15. Peter worked only the 9PM-7AM shift for a couple years and I really got used to making use of my alone time. In fact, it was a total break in my routine when he was home.

    Happy cleaning!

  16. I am impressed you don’t just lay around and watch movies once the kids are in bed like someone I know would probably do (me, me, and me).

  17. Just so you know, you can come visit ANY time. I’ll babysit, and you can put that 23-year old energy and talent to GREAT use around here!

    (Don’t forget, I have the Latvian Suite currently empty. . .)

    Love this!

  18. My husband has been out of town so much this month, and he’ll be gone again next week. While it’s so hard not to have that extra pair if hands come bedtime, I do get a chance to catch up on projects, organizing, and chick flicks.

    It does have its advantages. 😀

  19. I try to look at the bright side like this when hubby is out of town.

    But I’m so not disciplined like you are with the cleaning thing. So what if it’s a small space? You are still *doing* it. More than I can often say. 😉

  20. Thank goodness you are young! Sounds like a big workload for one girl. Still, I am glad you can put a positive spin on the situation!

  21. It’s so true – when my husband travels (a few times a month), I am so on top of things, the house is clean, the laundry done – he messes with my system! (but he’s worth it).

  22. unabridgedgirl

    Congrats on finding balance, Amber! I am sorry you miss your hubby, though.

  23. Eva

    It’s amazing what you can get done when you have an evening to yourself, isn’t it?! Maybe even reading a book you want or going to bed early!

  24. Ugh! I hope I can find balance soon! I’m sure glad you did. It seems there is always a price with everything though. I hope you get some time with your hubby too!

  25. I love my husband, but I also love nights at home w/out him. I, too, turn into a workerbee. I could totally do it while he’s here, but if he’s not working then I don’t feel compelled to, either.

  26. I’m very jealous! Even though my husband works all the dang time, my house is more of a disaster than ever. You really are superwoman. And how exactly do you get 5 hours of time after your kids go to bed. Minutes after my kids go to sleep, I’m passed out and drooling too. I want some of your secret sauce, Amber!

    • Ha! My kids go to bed at 7 so I spend from then until midnight doing everything. Sometimes even that’s not enough. Oy. When they go to bed late, it really throws me off. My secret sauce? I eat dinner after they go to bed. Do you find it nearly impossible to eat when your kids are awake? Or is that me?

  27. Jen

    Amber, this is inspiring. Here’s my problem: I need about three full days without anyone here so I can clean my house well enough to be able to keep up with it once we return. Wanna take on three more kids for a bit?

    • Jen, I know what you mean. My husband really helped me out, before he started his crazy work schedule, we spent an entire day cleaning. After that, it was much easier for me to keep up. Remember, I live in an apartment. A small apartment. If I lived in a house, or even something bigger than 500 sq. feet, It would be much harder.

      Hey, I would definitely take your kids for 3 days! The might help me entertain my toddler.

  28. Now that is a system I could do with taking on….but to do so I would need a hubby….that works nights…ok in theory it works for me but in reality i’m glad it works for you!! 🙂

    Debs xx

  29. Great attitude. My wife went out of town for a little over a week to take care of sick parents. Our house was sparkling by the time she got back 🙂