A Nap Time Lesson

The kids are in their cribs supposedly napping.  Instead, I hear Emily yelling “Hi!” and Andrew giggling. I can picture them.  Emily is pressing her face against the mesh walls of her Pac N’ play while Andrew, on his hands and knees, stares at her through his own mesh surface.  Their faces are lit up with unadulterated joy.

They are best friends.

When in our living room,  Andrew is not too interested in me.  His eyes are stuck on his sister.  They follow her everywhere.  He smiles as she runs from room to room, creating havoc.  He babbles when she starts singing.  He laughs, really laughs, when his sister twirls, hops, and jigs to unheard music.

I look at them and remember.

The horrific pregnancies.  The long nights.  The colic. The postpartum depression.

The easy births.  Our first moments together. Their first smiles.  Their first laughs.

The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the frustrating, the fun, the painful, the joy–mixed together in life’s blender, a combination of bitter and sweet, to be drunk daily.   And I do.  Every last drop.  Because it’s worth it.

Right now, I listen to their silly noises and I feel at peace.

One day I will have another baby.  I will feel their movements inside me.  We will grow together for nine months.  We will meet and I will cry tears of immense joy.

That sweet baby will have instant best friends.  Soon  I will hear her or him laughing and playing with their siblings during nap time, and I will remember today.  I may even read these words again.  My heart will swell–for a second time–with feelings of great gratitude.

A tender mercy that I will not forget, but will embrace.  Fully.



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40 responses to “A Nap Time Lesson

  1. This was lovely. My brother and I were, and are still best friends.

  2. Holy crap, we’re like twins, I swear! My kids used to do the same thing through both their pack-n-plays. PLUS I have the exact photo of my kids sharing one swing: http://kristen-enjoyingeverymoment.blogspot.com/2009/05/lukes-blessing-fun-with-family.html

    It is my favorite thing when my kids play together. Seriously. I love it even more than when they cuddle me. When I watch them laughing and playing, I know I’m doing something right. 🙂

  3. Amber,

    The idea of your kids being instant best friends is so wonderful. My daughter is an only child so most of the time I am her instant best friend.

    Lovely post. Have a great holiday weekend.

  4. They are so beautiful, Amber 🙂

  5. My heart just swelled with you. We need these reminders, often, to keep us going, to remember the joy. Thank you Amber, lovely, just lovely!

  6. How wonderful that they are best buddies. I hope they never lose that bond, that excitement about sharing time together.

  7. Hi Amber – what a beautifully written post. I think it is so very wonderful that your son and daughter are already such good friends, I hope they remain always close as having that kind of relationship with a sibling is a precious gift.

    Beautiful photo of your son and I spy mountains in the background, I think I need to come and visit 🙂

    • I hope so too. I think they will have their rough patches, but I really hope they remain good friends throughout adulthood.

      Those mountains are my backyard. You are welcome to come play anytime. : )

  8. Dad

    Very sweet Amber! We had lots of those memories. It is only just beginning for you!

    Love you!

  9. Yes. It is so special isn’t it? The first thing my son said when he came out of their room was, “where’s baby? There she is!” And he proceeded to walk over to her, lay on the floor and say, “hi baby!” Then he gave her a hug. She giggled. Sweet, sweet moments.

  10. Mixed up in life’s blender – such truth there! My girls have been that way with each other and there really is no sweeter pay off for the hard times. Seeing them love each other like that. Wow.

    p.s. The photo of Andrew in the swing is beyond precious!

  11. I’m playing catch up on the last few posts. Just wanted to send you a virtual hug and tell you what your heart, your children and your husband already know: You are a great mom.

  12. Awwww… look at those darlings.

  13. I love this.

    It is worth it, isn’t it? colic, PPD, pregnancy.

    You are incredible.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  14. I love that. It is so true. My girls are the same way. they fight too. But I’ll choose to remember the pleasant parts!!

  15. Life’s blender…yep. Sometimes I feel I’ve been spun on liquify.

    My daughter and son were best friends for a long, long time. Then they were NOT. It was not so pretty. Now, as she’s 17 and he’s 13, something has swung back around and the buddies I remember have returned. It’s so much more fun. They tell secrets about me. I can see it in their eyes. And I’m glad they have each other.

    The swing today. Your car, driving themselves to school tomorrow. Life goes fast, but I have every day’s memory and feel full of these moments. Thanks for bringing one of the park happenings forward.

    And, I can’t wait for them to have another to join their team. I’m waiting with you. Tissues at the ready if you need.

    • I know what you are referring. I KNOW. My sisters and I went through the same phase. I did not like my sister for quite a few years, until she left the house. Now, though, she and I are good friends. Those teen years are rough all around!

  16. Lovely photos. I really enjoyed this post. You are so right that parenting involves great highs and great lows. Both are part of the genuine experience. And, you have so much to look forward to – with future pregnancy and with these two beautiful children.

  17. db

    Aw.. You probably already know this, but you have two of the most adorable kids ever. They are absolutely gorgeous. And it must make you so happy to see them play and love each other so much.
    My brother is 3 years younger than me, and although we have our moments of fighting, we are still incredibly close.. It’s nice to have a built-in friend haha.. And in 3 months I get to be a bridesmaid at his wedding.. It’s amazing how fast time flies… Enjoy all the moments! 🙂


  18. Sooo beautifully sweet. Warms my heart Amber! I feel like I’m watching your little guy grow up since when I first started reading your blog he was an infant and now he looks like such a little Boy! Adorable. xoxo

    • Sometimes I think about this, how so many of you have literally watched Andrew (and me) grow up! it’s kind of cool. : )

  19. Nothing ever takes the of one’s brother or sister. Whether good or bad, hopefully good, there is just so much wrapped up and wonderful about siblings.

    • My siblings are still my best friends. And we have fought more than I’d like to admit! But we have a very special bond. I hope my two develop that.

  20. Oh, this is sweet! My girls follow each other around too, laughing at silly faces and made-up songs. What a gift it is to have siblings! And all the trouble or effort to get there ends up being breathed away by the first shared giggles.

    Beautiful post 🙂

  21. what a tender and beautiful post. Love the pics.

  22. What a beautiful post. And what beautiful babies. I remember my first-born being fascinated by the creature who arrived when he was 18 months. And they’ve always gotten along. They don’t realize what a blessing that is. Siblings who truly care for each other and can count on each other. It’s special. Your kids will have that, too.

    • Yes, yes, and yes. I know that my kids will fight, it’s inevitable, but the bond they develop now should pull them through those tough teen years. I know my siblings and I are still the best of friends!

  23. Great post, Amber. Our oldest two are very close in age–closer than we intended, and it was difficult for the first couple years. However, the older they get, the easier it gets for us and the more and more they enjoy it. It’s a great investment–some extra work up front but an eternal dividend.

  24. Watching my children interact with each other, totally independent of me, is always a source of great joy. Or at least it is when it is a friendly manner that they interact!