Together !!!


Squaw Peak

Hiking this mountain with my husband, 2 babies, and a friend.


Dusting off my running shoes and hitting the pavement while pushing these two cuties.




Getting my haircut for the first time since Andrew was born.  As you can see, I really needed it.


Basking in my good friend’s awesomeness.


Going on a date with my hot husband.

My week has been full of !!!.  What about yours?

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Intentional Happiness

Momalom !!! Bad Mommy Moments !!!


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40 responses to “Together !!!

  1. Love it that you got to go on a date! And that makes me miss Squaw Peak. I spent a lot of years looking up at it.

  2. Ooohhhh, love the hair! I need a new haircut sooo bad… haven’t gotten it cut since Christmas.

    I love hot dates with the hubby – and they don’t happen often enough. Glad you got one!

  3. A rockin’ new haircut AND a date with your husband? Very !!!

  4. Love the new look and am so glad to hear you got to go on a date with your husband – definitely a !!! week!

    I am however very envious of your trek into those mountains 🙂

  5. Great haircut and great !!! moments. (Dates with husbands – ALWAYS worthy of !!!)

    I thought I had a !!! moment the other evening (!!!) but it’s been frown city around here. Hot hot hot and not in a GOOD way. I’m hoping for !!! eventually, or I’ll melt into a puddle like the wicked witch of somewhere, with only my pointy little pumps remaining.

  6. You are fabulous 🙂 New haircut or not!
    And yay for date night!!

  7. Yay for all the !!! in your life! And the new hair cut looks fabulous, dahling!

  8. It looks like you had a great week. Love the new hair cut, You look gorgeous.

  9. Love your !!!’s. Hope your weekend is as great as your week!!!

  10. What a wonderful week! Your kids are absolutely precious. And your new haircut? Fabulous. Thanks for sharing your !!! moments. I will definitely link up next week.

  11. Popping over from Momalom. Love your new hair cut. You look fantastic!!!

  12. Aww that is so sweet – I hope you two had a wonderful date (and managed to stay up past 10pm – which would be a feat for me!)

  13. I like your haircut! Sounds like a great week!

  14. I love the haircut! You look great. Ready for another hike in a week?

  15. Love the hair. Squaw Peak – Did you hike in AZ?
    Love that you got to go on a date.

  16. Michelle

    Love the haircut.

    Thanks for letting me soak in the sweetness of your little ones. (And your sweetness, too.)

    You rocketh.

  17. There really is nothing like a great hair-do to make a girl feel all brand new (and frollicky too!) 🙂

  18. Fun moments, Amber, and love the new haircut!

  19. Ooo, love the hair! So glad you got to spend some time together. It’s my favorite thing to do!

  20. Cuteness!! (The hair and the babies :))

  21. Autumn

    Hey I cut my hair too! Chopped off four inches! You look way good hamburger love you!

  22. Yikes did my comment from last week disappear? Your hair and your little babes are adorable – and I love it that you call your hubby “hot” :-)!


    ps thanks for coming by my blog during Naomi’s guest post – hope to see you again soon!

  23. Love the new ‘do! And what great exercise pushing those two adorable kiddos up that ginormous mountain. =>

    • Thanks! I don’t run up a mountain, just a very steep hill. The nice thing about hills, is there is always a downhill stretch afterward. That’s when the jogging stroller really comes in handy. : )

  24. Lovin’ the new hair!

    I need a haircut….

  25. Love the hair! It looks to suit you perfectly, especially for a date night.

  26. Love your minxy smile post-haircut!

  27. Eva

    Oh my. The two of them in the double stroller is definitely !!!

  28. Love the new haircut. Isn’t it amazing how something so simple can make such an impact to have we feel about ourselves? I really relish the transformative effect of a new do.

  29. Dusting off the running shoes AND getting a new haircut all in the same week? Girl, you are !!! hot !!!
    Might they be related, I wonder? Does something that make you feel good about yourself lead you to want to find more somethings that make you feel MORE good…?

    Lovely use of the English language, eh? But you get my point, riiiight?