Friday Night Awesomeness

On Friday, Ben and I decided to visit the great city north of us so we could dine at our favorite restaurant, Pei Wei, and walk around Temple Square.  Realizing that we were heading to the city, I called a blog friend and asked if she would like to meet, in real life, that night.  She agreed (because I wouldn’t take no for an answer) and oh-my-goodness, it was fun.

Firstly, not only are her kids adorable, but she is extra gorgeous!

Secondly, our kids played very well.

Thirdly, our husbands got along.  Big bonus.

Fourthly, we chatted about everything.   I think I’ve found a lifelong friend, if she’ll accept. (Pretty please!?)

I will certainly be seeing her again.

Thanks, Kristen, for letting us crash your Friday night party!

Go visit Kristen at Enjoying Every Moment.  You will not be disappointed.



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18 responses to “Friday Night Awesomeness

  1. Oh I have yet to meet a blogosphere friend in real life but how wonderful that you have and you got along so very well.

    I am also a big Pei Wei fan – when I was pregnant I had to go at least once a week and was so well known in there I got free lunch vouchers all the time 🙂

  2. I love that you called her! You are so cool.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe there is a blog out there I haven’t read!

  4. I loved that you called me, too. We are pretty much BFF’s, I can feel it. : )

    We had such a great time, and I can’t wait until we can hang out again really soon (please??)! Yeah, I love that both of our entire families got along… that’s hard to find.

  5. Oh I’m so thrilled for you! I’ve had that experience too and it’s so dizzying and wonderful (and then, I had to go back to Canada – cue the sudden lack of patriotism and the pouting). Yay for bloggy friends who invariably turn out to be in-person friends once you meet them!

  6. It’s like a match made in blog heaven. Even your URLs are similar! 🙂

  7. So cool. Love this. I have yet to meet a blog friend in real life, but hope to do so sometime. Glad this happened for both of you!

  8. What a great Friday night! (I haven’t met a blog friend in person yet either. But hope to – eventually!)

  9. How how fun to meet a bloggy pal!! I have met one so far and we had a great time too!!


  10. Fun! I get to meet a blog friend this weekend and I am so excited I can hardly stand it! Your good experience has me very encouraged that mine will be good too 🙂

    Off to check out Kristin’s blog!

  11. I love it when you get new couple friends! That is always fun–and exciting.

  12. Cool! that’s wonderful that both families get along so well. It is always super fun to make new friends.

  13. Love it! I’ve met a few, and it so often translates into pure awesomeness as you describe.

  14. Amber, how wonderful for you and Kristen! And for the girls to meet at such a young age could be the start of a lifelong friendship! I wish I could meet my bloggy buddies too but sometimes I feel like I’m the only one blogging in Arizona!

    And Pei Wei? I had to give it up about 3 years ago. I just kept going there and going there, hooked on the Spicy chicken salad and pretending it wasn’t friend or something. I still remember it…

  15. Sounds pretty cool. Haven’t met too many blog friends IRL, but those I have are just as cool in person.

  16. unabridgedgirl

    Aww! I love meeting people in real life! That is awesome! 🙂

  17. wow that is so awesome!!

    now i wish i could hang out with you too! 🙂