My Special Place

I have moments when I want to run far, far away from my responsibilities.  Find a secluded spot where I may read, write, and use the restroom without interruptions.  A place that is well stocked with my favorite foods, a few running trails, an excellent kick boxing and/or Zumba class, and a friend to chat with.

Today was one of those days.

As I cleaned up mess after mess from my very active toddler and very sick baby, I noticed tears streaming down my face.  Emily noticed them too and asked in her oh-so-cute baby voice “are you okay?”  To which I replied, “No, I’m having a hard time.”  She responded by giving me a kiss and dumping out the rest of her bubbles onto the carpet.  Her sweetness overshadowed by her toddler mindset (whatever that might be).

And my mind wandered to that place.

This place.

Because, really, this is a place where I can chat without interruptions.  It is well stocked with virtual pictures of all my favorite foods, books, bloggers, and stories of solitary wanderings.  Even if my dream cannot become a reality right now, at least I have my friends–all of you– to share it with.

Sigh.  It’s great to be back.

Bigger Picture Moment

This is my rather late Bigger Picture Post, hosted  by Corinne.



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12 responses to “My Special Place

  1. I’d skip the kick boxing and Zumba and replace it with step, spinning or yoga but when you go to that place can I come along too, for the hiking, quiet and someone to chat with? 🙂

    Nice to see you blogging and a lovely post. I thank starting my blog for helping me a lot over the past five months to get back on track with myself, my life and more. But there are always THOSE days to contend with. I hope you are feeling better today.

  2. I had one of those days yesterday as I sat on the floor trying to clean red nail polish out of the carpet. (And then later found the clear polish that had dried up in another little spot in my bedroom.) If not for the internet and blogging, I’d have surely gone mad by now. Hope you’re having a better day today. xo

  3. I am having one of those days… I hear you, loud and clear!

  4. Glad your back Amber. Those days, oh those days… I think we all have them, not knowing what to do, yearning for something that seems so impossible. Blogging has helped me keep my perspective and my sanity.

  5. I am with ya, my friend. Remember, in your busy life, that it is NOT a selfish thing to want some alone time every now and then. Pack a bag with some goodies and go sit at Borders for a bit.

  6. I hate that your day turned out like that, but I’m glad you came to us for some comfort. I hope the weekend cleared out the germs and the tears. =>

    And what is Zumba?? Somebody mentioned it to me and I thought they were making a workout out of that little vacuum ball thingie that scoots around your house.

    • Your description made me snort! (Not in a cruel way.) Zumba is a dance-based aerobic exercise that involves a lot of hip, butt, and chest shaking. It has African and South American influence. When I first tried it, I had a hard time but once I became familiar with the various moves, I started having a blast. If you lived closer, I’d take you with me. : )

  7. Glad to see you back, Amber. I had a bit of a day like that too… After a morning of repeating and nagging at my 12-year-old only to feel disrespected and laughed at. He was doing things purposely to annoy me and I let it get to me. He went downstairs, I locked myself in the bathroom and cried. And then we went about our day. It did get better, but this age is scaring me!

    • Shannon,

      Each age has its difficulties, doesn’t it? My kids do not disrespect me but their busyness is often overwhelming. A good cry can make things slightly better, huh?

  8. Oh honey, I hear you. Had one of those in a big way yesterday. I’m thinking of you, and wishing I can give you a big ‘ol hug! Since I can’t, I’m just glad I get to visit you here. Take care. xo

  9. Oh yeah. Like when Bella fell with a cup of neon pink yogurt that splattered everywhere … but she fell because she was running to help her brother with something. Sweet and exhausting.

    I’m glad you’re back here when things are so much easier to control!