To My Eldest:

When you emerged into this world,  your curiosity was unquenchable.   That first night, you stayed up with your dad,  learning about your new world.  Your bright eyes–big even then–stared at everything with wonder and amazement.  With your first breath, you stole my heart.

That curiosity has remained part of your personality.  You learned to sit up, crawl, and walk around on furniture early because it enabled you to explore further and deeper.  Though your adventurous spirit often led to calls to the Poison Control or the doctor,  I was ecstatic to have such an interested student of life.

This day marks your second year in this world.  Thinking about that makes me gasp with how remarkably fast everything went.  I am not sad to see you grow up because I thoroughly enjoyed your infancy.   Your ready smile and brilliant, blue eyes kept me joyful and captivated.  You taught–continue to teach–me how to be a mother.   Even when your brother came so soon after your own year birthday, you remained the happy little girl you have always been.

As you are learning to communicate better,  I am discovering another component of your personality: compassion.  When I am frustrated or in pain, you immediately recognize that something is wrong and quickly quip, “Are you okay?” while pausing in whatever endeavor you were pursuing.  This question always gives me chills, even when I respond, honestly, “No, I’m not.”  This coupled with watching you interact with your younger brother has given me brief glimpses of the woman you will become one day.  I hope that you cherish that bond between your brother and yourself.

Dearest Emily, you have been patient with me during my evolution these past two years.  I am constantly grateful for your everlasting love.  You and your brother are my greatest treasures.


Your Mother

I emerged for a few days only to leave again.  Fear not,  I will be back very soon!  Have a wonderful (early) weekend!


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22 responses to “To My Eldest:

  1. What a sweet tribute to adorable Emily. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but she looks a lot like you!

  2. Happy birthday sweet Emily! I am learning that two is such a magical age. But I think I’ll be saying that with each year as my little girl grows. Well, until she reaches her teens that is 🙂

  3. I didn’t realize our girls are just a few days apart!! 🙂
    Happy birthday to your two year old!!

  4. She is adorable. Happy birthday to Emily!

  5. Just lovely. And a big happy birthday to Emily!

  6. Aww. Amber, this made me all teary-eyed and such. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Happy Birthday Emily!

    Enjoy your time off Amber.

  8. Oh! This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to your dear, sweet angel!

  9. Melanie J

    I absolutely adore that second picture. Love it.

  10. I love these letters, Amber! So will your kids someday.

  11. Happy Birthday- what a very cool post.

  12. Sweet! Those oldest kids always learn right along with their new mommies!

  13. I love the evolution it takes to become a mother. Journey, path, full of Grace. I’ve learned more from that schooling than any other.

    My the Peace the Passes Understanding reign on you while you take your journey of change and grow older with your girl beside you.

  14. Beautiful lady! Just beautiful. The two of you clearly have a tremendous and magical bond. Happy Birthday to her and giving birth day to you!

    Hope you are well.

  15. Such a sweet post, and full of lovely pictures. Happy 2nd birthday, Emily!

  16. A belated happy birthday to your sweet little girl. Beautiful words indeed…

  17. Rivki

    This brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful post. I hope you can show it to your daughter when she’s older. Enjoy this milestone.

  18. I’m a few days late, but I hope she had a wonderful birthday.

  19. I loved this. She is such a special little girl. I love watching you savor your children. You are awesome.

  20. Emily is a lucky girl to have a mom who encourages and indulges her inquisitive, busy little nature. Happy belated birthday to your big girl!