News, News, Wonderful News

To begin with, I want to say a great big thank you to everyone for the supportive e-mails, phone calls, comments, and texts.   I really believe that each of you held me up with your good thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.  I also believe that a little miracle might have occurred because of the united effort.

Due to a mix up, my blood work was basically placed in the bottom of the stack and not finished until after my doctor’s office had closed on Wednesday.  Because of this, the nurse called me as soon as the doctor’s office opened today.   The lab results did not provide any decisive answers, really only adding to the ambiguity and confusion surrounding the bleeding.  The best answer seemed to continue with the regular 48 hour blood tests.  However, after discussing everything with my doctor (whom I love), they determined it would be best if I come in for an ultrasound today.

After some considerable maneuvering of different children to different households, we drove to the doctor’s office.

The ultrasound tech attempted a regular ultrasound first, but being unable to see anything but some blood pooling (to be explained), she tried the other way.  (I’m avoiding creepy stalker search terms by not using certain terms.  Please follow suit.)

As soon as the probe was stuck up, ahem, there, she found the amniotic sac.  Nestled inside was the yolk sac, a good indicator that the pregnancy was progressing as it should.  Since she could not detect the embryo, but could find the yolk sac, she estimated that my pregnancy is 4 weeks along, nearly 3 weeks behind the original estimation.

I just want to point out here that I was right and they were wrong.  That’s all.

The blood, she explained, was the result of an abruption.  This means there is a slight tear of the embryo from the uterine wall, most likely the result of the uterine wall sluffing.    The sudden gush of blood I experienced on Monday was due to that tear when a small part of the embryonic sac and the uterine wall tore away from each other.  This is very common in early pregnancy and has a small chance of progressing into a miscarriage.  Since there is a chance, the doctor has asked that I come in for a follow-up ultrasound next Thursday to continue charting the progress.**

In the meantime, I am now on pelvic rest.  No anatomy lessons with my husband and no lifting of anything greater in weight than a gallon of milk until my next appointment.  The lifting I could do, but the lessons?  Darn it.

To summarize.

1. I am only 4 weeks along, which explains the absence of pregnancy symptoms.

2. The bleeding came because of a slight abruption between the embryonic sac and the uterine wall, something that is very common this early on in pregnancy.

3. The doctor and nurse will continue to monitor my progress by doing a  follow-up ultrasound next week.

This appointment cleared up most of my pregnancy anxiety.  I’m hoping the nightmares and panic attacks will subside and I will now start interacting with my children and blogging again. I am grateful that my doctor and his nurse are taking such great care of me and this baby.

**This may not be entirely accurate, but Ben and I summarized what the nurse and ultrasound tech explained to us in a manner that made sense to us.



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33 responses to “News, News, Wonderful News

  1. That is very good news 🙂
    Wish I could bring you dinner or watch the babies for you!! Consider yourself hugged though!

  2. Hi Amber

    That is very good news indeed. I have been thinking about you and wondering what was happening so this is wonderful to hear. Take it easy as much as you can.

  3. This truly is wonderful news, Amber.

  4. Very happy to hear, Amber. Keep taking care of yourself and that little baby!

  5. Best news I’ve heard in a long time. Big (little) hugs all round – but don’t get up!

  6. Amber, glad you had such a good answer! Had many of those, ahem, ultrasounds myself and one thing about them is that they’re very accurate. Not comfy but accurate!

  7. db

    That’s wonderful. I’ve been thinking of you the last few days, and praying the news was good. So happy for you and Ben and the kids.

  8. You are still in my thoughts. Rest.

  9. Phew!! SO GLAD. Keep that little baby cooking, even if you have to go without some other stuff (wink, wink).

  10. Oh honey, I’m weeks behind in blog reading and I wish I’d been here throughout this to support you. I went through nearly the exact same thing during my pregnancy with Claira. I’d had an early miscarriage, I was only 5-6 weeks along and I was bleeding…it was so terrifying. When those hormone levels started increasing and we had blood work to verify it…oh my, the RELIEF. So glad you’re getting to experience that too, and that you’re being well attended and looked after there. ((hugs))

    And congratulations!

  11. That’s great news, Amber.

  12. Yay for Amber. Yay for baby. Yay for helpful doctors and nurses. And Yay for modern day technology that can place an ultrasound…ahem…there!

  13. How did I miss all of this? I cried with the other post and now am feeling better. 😉

    Yes. Rest.

  14. Great news! Hugs to you. xoox

  15. Good news, definitely! Keep faith, and let us know how things are going!

  16. I am so, so glad to hear this! Rest and be well. There’s lots of love and prayer going in your direction!

  17. Sounds like good news all around (except maybe the lessons).

  18. I’m so glad. What a emotional rollercoaster. Not fun when your body is already on one. Will you just start tossing your cookies nonstop already? 😉

  19. SOOOO happy for you. Rest up lady. I’ll be thinking of you!

  20. “I just want to point out here that I was right and they were wrong. That’s all.”

    Hahahah! You’re so cute. I am glad that things are going well, and that you’re doing okay – – well, better than you were. Keep being safe!

  21. Due to internet failures at my house and summer traveling…I’ve been a little…absent.

    I’ve missed something at your home.

    I’m glad to hear you were right.

    Enjoy the (pelvic) rest.

  22. I didn’t want to say anything on your last post in case things didn’t go in this direction.

    But when I was first pregnant with Alayna, I had the same thing happen. Cramps and blood for a couple hours.

    So we went to the doctor, and they used the… eh hem, magic wand to detrmine I was 5 weeks along and everything was totally normal.

    Great news girl!

  23. I am glad you got some answers! Yay!

  24. My first opportunity to stop by and check in! Been thinking of you lots and I’m so so pleased to read this. My heart literally raced in happiness for you. Fingers crossed that things continue but in a less stressful way.

  25. Such great news. And now I know that this is what happened to me on my first pregnancy. It was so weird that I delivered a full 10 days early only to see that he was WAY over-baked. Still keeping vigil with the sunshine and rainbows headed your way….

  26. damselindisdress

    Oh, I know just how scary this stuff can be. I’m so glad to hear things are ok.

  27. I’m relieved for good news. I did read this sooner, I just didn’t respond. It’s been hit and miss for me, sitting up to the computer sometimes makes the nausea worse, so I haven’t been on a lot and when I am, I briefly check email, Facebook and blogs just to see what was posted. Anyway, I was thinking about you this last week.

  28. Oh, good. I was thinking about you and just hadn’t gotten a chance to stop by. I’m so glad that you were right about the timing. Good luck with the rest; I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers!

  29. So GOOD to hear Amber! Take care of yourself and just rest.

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  31. I am just catching up and was so worried for you after reading the previous post that I stopped mid-way and read this one instead. The relief is palpable.

    I had a placental abruption at 16 weeks. I haven’t been that scared before or since. My pregnancy resulted in light bed rest, some uterine scarring, and a beautiful little girl.

    I hope, especially because your abruption came so early, that your term is as uneventful and rewarding.