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When we were first married,  I insisted Ben always grocery shop with me.  We hate grocery shopping,  but it’s one of those necessary evils.  Anyway,  he used to commiserate with a fellow friend whose wife also never grocery shopped without him.  They always had the best jokes (not).

Well.  Once I finished school,  it was absurd that I wait for Ben to shop; thus,  I learned to go without him.

Fast forward to now.  Because of my new pelvic rest mandate from the doctor,  I can no longer shop on my own.  Being the awesome wife that I am,  I made sure to point this out to my husband.

Now the joke is on him.


I have a confession to make:  I’m still nursing Andrew.  Once I found out I was pregnant,  I decided to fully wean him.  He was taking formula twice a day, but once I made this decision the more he has resisted.  I started panicking once I was put on Progersterone supplements because of of the side effects is decreased milk supply.   Miraculously,  my milk supply has increased with this supplement.  I don’t know if it’s because God knew Andrew would need that time with me to ease the transition or if its because my body reacts in bizarre ways to medicine; whatever the reason,  I’m glad.

Will I nurse the entire pregnancy?  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll figure out what is best for both of us.


With my last two pregnancies,  I remember experiencing the pregnancy brain phenomena,  but I forgot just how bad it gets.  Lately,  I will start an intelligent sentence and immediately forget a) what I was going to say b) the word(s) I was going to use or c) a combination of both.  Basically,  I come off like a bumbling idiot who stays at home with her kids.  Well,  for those who perceive me that way,  I do have a degree.  So there.


Andrew and Emily have been alternating with different sicknesses the past few weeks.  Needless to say, our sleep has been less than beneficial.  However,  we can’t entirely blame the kids.  Ben has been sleeping less because he is worried about his medical school applications and I have been sleeping poorly because of all my pregnancy worries.

But I’ll stick with blaming the kids.  It’s so much easier that way.


I’ve was reading this history about the war between the states.  It was really interesting learning more about Grant and Sherman; unfortunately, the writing became so confusing that I had to put it down.  Between that and all the recent disappointments with fiction,  I have started reading my husband’s Biology and Physiology textbooks.  I know,  call me a nerd,  but it is really entertaining!


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13 responses to “Random Tidbits

  1. Random stuff is my favorite type of post to read – it’s always so entertaining!

    Eric actually likes grocery shopping with me, which is great because by the time we get to the checkout, the kiddos are NUTS and LOUD. So he takes them out to the car while I check out. It’s nice.

    Yeah I always thought it was weird when I got preggo with Luke that the doc immediately asked me if I was nursing Camie and if so, to stop. I can kind of see the doc’s point, but at the same time – if nursing works, it works. Do what is best for you and your baby!

  2. One thing about reading mommy blogs is that I learn so much stuff. I had no idea you weren’t supposed to breastfeed while pregnant. Interesting.

    • Breastfeeding during pregnancy isn’t unsafe. Doctors become concerned when the mother is losing too much weight and/or the nursing baby is losing weight. It’s one of those situation dependent things because it varies greatly with each woman. I’m trying to wean Andrew because I’m not sure how nutritious my breastmilk is. However, he’ll probably nurse until he is two (please no!) just because he’s a momma’s boy.

  3. Sounds like you all have a lot on your plate. If I sent my husband to the grocery store, he’d come back with Cheetos, beef jerky, Frosted Flakes and five containers of Haagen-Dazs. And then say, “What? This isn’t food for the week?”

  4. I can never send My Guy to the store without about 14 phonecalls from him. I think it’s his ploy to make sure I shop without him, and it’s working.

    Enjoy the pregnancy! 🙂

  5. Since having kids, my husband goes grocery shopping without me about 75% of the time. The other 25% I have to go with all the kids, which is always a disaster waiting to happen. He used to get all these extras, but now he sticks to the list (and the budgeted amount) I give him and we are all happy. Often he’ll stop on his way home from work to grocery shop, to save on gas.

    And sorry about the lack of sleep. My kids get up all night and they have no excuse, they just don’t sleep well. So I understand the poor sleep thing.

  6. It’s good of your husband to navigate the grocery store. When I send mine he usually comes home with some surprise items, but then I get to learn what other items he likes (bonus!). Unfortunately, I find that going together gets stressful (my fault).

    I’m so glad the Progesterone isn’t depleting your supply! I like to think that G-d laughs at statistics. 🙂

  7. I wish my husband would do the grocery shopping, or at least come with me. On the occasion that he comes with me, he’s constantly hounding me to “hurry up, what else do we need, are we done yet, that’s enough – let’s go.” He often tries to convince me that we don’t need to go shopping. I have to remind him that we have three growing boys (one of which is 15!) so there needs to be food in the house!

    Get some rest. Try to relax. Enjoy!

  8. I love these random tidbits. I also made my husband grocery shop with me too. I don’t do it anymore as my daughter loves to grocery shop with me.

    Tell Ben good luck on those med school apps!

  9. Oh my I would hate to have to rely on my husband to do the shopping – he just comes home with half the things on the list and tells me they were “out” or everything else, meaning he could not find it. The stuff he does bring is invariably wrong too. What this country needs is on line grocery shopping – I cannot believe it is not nationwide with all major grocery stores here. The one thing the UK has the upper hand with, as it’s been in place over there for many years already.

  10. Wow! I may not be the world’s greatest writer, but hopefully my work never sends someone to a physiology text book for a little light, entertaining reading.

  11. My husband loves to grocery shop. If he is home, he likes to go. I blame growing up with 3 older sisters. I would let him take over the duty, but it would smash my grocery budget to smithereens.