I Caved

College football season has begun.  Once upon a time,  I would’ve dreaded this time.  It was one more thing that took Ben’s attention away from me.   This year, though,  I am looking forward to it.  Nay,  I am encouraging football watching.

My thinking changed completely last year when football pulled me through the last month of contractions.  Every night I would lay on the couch trying to find some comfort in the awful sensations that wouldn’t lead anywhere, and watch football with husband.  It’s hard to hate something that you have bonded so close with.

So.  This year?  I was excited.  Unfortunately, our mode of football viewing was discontinued when we changed internet service providers.  As we don’t have a TV,  we were stuck.  How were we going to watch our beloved Cougars as well as the other 8 games during a week?

I came up with a solution.  One that even shocked my husband.

I suggested we buy a cheap TV and get cable.

I know.  I must have lost my marbles.

Anyway.  My husband took me up on the offer.  Last week, he found an awesome deal on Craigslist (or some on-line thing) for a $10 TV.  He contacted the cable company and bought a very basic cable package for $20 a month.

In a couple of days,  we will join millions of other Americans by watching multiple college football games at the same time.  More accurately,  I will blog while my husband watches football and provides a running commentary on what is happening.  Since I am remarkably capable of doing four things at once,  I will write, listen, watch, and comment without missing a beat.

And I will have an excuse to eat hot wings.  I love hot wings.



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17 responses to “I Caved

  1. Funny and admirable! I went to a tiny school without football, and I’ve never quite recovered enough to enjoy the sport. I love game day food, though, and the halftime shows. Enjoy the season!

  2. I was just thinking of this very thing today, I have a friend that fights like crazy with her hubby every season cause she thinks that it just pulls him away-I was thinking why doesn’t she just learn to love it and look- you proved my point- turn it into something you can both enjoy together (even if you’ve got your computer out, I usually have something in my hands to keep me busy during a game 😉 ) Here’s to learning to love the things our hubby’s love!

  3. TV is part of our life. Our cable bill is out of control!

  4. We tend to move slowly on these things too. I mean, we’ve had TV, it’s just that my husband’s refused to buy a flatscreen well after normal humans had them. But with, yes, football season looming he finally did it yesterday. On Saturday, one day before Sunday football, we will officially have a 55 inch flatscreen! So watch out, Amber. Next thing you know… 🙂

  5. Dudette, you are saying hot wings without excusing yourself to go puke.

    I hope that is a good thing.

    I love your posts. We have thought about doing cable during football season, too, but never have caved. We just mooch off of nice friends. (So should we invite ourselves over? hehe)

  6. You do what you have to do! 🙂
    We just use an antenna w/ our tv, and get most of Patriots games, but we so miss watching baseball during the summer… maybe next year we’ll splurge w/ cable again!

  7. I am not a sports fan at all and still know nothing about American sports so just leave my husband to watch the games.

  8. We are big college football fans, too! My husband is so excited now that the season is starting!

  9. At our house, we don’t watch football, it motorcycle racing all the way. And sometimes my husband invites his motorcycling buddies over for a big race; I know it’s time for me to lie low then. 🙂

  10. We are not sports fans in our house, so this idea of being glued to the TV to yell in delight and scream profanity is alien to us. But the hot wings? I can totally get behind that.

  11. Watching college football is one thing we can definitely agree on. It’s when he wants to watch ALL football, including pro games on Sundays, that I start getting annoyed. But we definitely have the game on when it’s the Cougars playing. I even splurged and bought us all tickets to a game in a couple of weeks to surprise him. Love the fun atmosphere during college games, especially BYU games (where it’s fun without all the booze, like other universities).

  12. This means you can start watching Mad Men. 🙂

    It goes well with hot wings, too.

  13. My husband and I love football season and we can certainly understand Ben’s fascination. The hot wings, although tempting, are off-limits b/c of the whole vegetarian thing.

  14. I LOOOVE football season. I have a hard time getting Saturday chores done when there are games on.

  15. Can’t say I’m a college football fan, but I sure do love the NFL….DirectTV and the NFL Sunday Ticket! Woot!