Sleep and Laughter CAN Go Hand in Hand

This morning,  Andrew woke up screaming.  Given that he refused to go to bed the previous evening because of sickness,  this event did not surprise me.   It did, however, rattle my husband.

As he climbed out of bed, he yelled, “SSSHHHH!!!”

To which I responded, “Um, that won’t help.”

After looking at me sheepishly he said, “Sorry, I was dreaming that one of the boys I work with was screaming at me.” (Not too far from the truth.)

This dream state of my husband often results in hilarious nighttime outings and ramblings.

Like when I wake up to find cheese in the cupboard.  Or a half eaten peanut butter sandwich in the fridge.  And wrappers of my coveted chocolate scattered on the floor.

But nothing beats waking up to him whistling our alma mater’s fight song; alternating between humming a tune and laughing hysterically; and jumping out of bed, grabbing a folded towel from the dresser, and brandishing it like a sword.  All while innocently dreaming.

It isn’t unusual for me to wake up and find him in the living room with the TV on and the internet up.

I’ve mentioned the need for me to sleep train my husband before,  but I think I need to get more serious.  After I stop chuckling.



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17 responses to “Sleep and Laughter CAN Go Hand in Hand

  1. So, he’s a sleep walker! Adam tells me I talk in my sleep sometimes.

  2. That is pretty funny! None of my people sleep walk but Javi does talk in his sleep. I love messing with him!

  3. That sounds quite amusing. My hubby only wakes me with his snoring. There is no laughing involved in that!

  4. Oh my goodness! How funny! It must keep you on your toes 🙂

  5. LOL Cheese in the cupboard?

  6. This is serious sleep depravation talking. That’s my diagnosis.

  7. Nicki

    I am laughing really hard right now. Unfortunately, I cannot go back to sleep also. LOL!

    I am a sleep talker. My kids and others will tell me about whole conversations I hold with them – sometimes serious, sometimes not – and I will have no recollection at all.

  8. Oh, how funny. Does it ever make you nervous? One time, after working a 30-hour shift, I was waking my husband up and he held a minute-long conversation with me where he was giving me directions for the care of a patient in the hospital (don’t worry, he didn’t divulge any confidential info). He didn’t remember any of it!

  9. No sleep walkers in our house, just a sleep talker, my daughter who often talks in her sleep, sometimes shouting which has me running for the door still half asleep before I realize she is just dreaming 🙂

  10. I don’t know – are you sure you want to help him change that? Sounds pretty hilarious to me. Everyone could use a good laugh sometimes – even if it’s at someone else’s expense 😉

  11. My sister is the same way. She has the BEST conversations after she is asleep. Peter will talk to me sometimes, but I’m usually too tired to find the humor!

  12. This is truly a great story! I sometimes have night terrors – I wake up screaming – not nearly as fun for my husband…

  13. wonderfriendblog

    Ha! I’m glad to know I’m not the only person married to a crazy sleeper.

    My husband frequently starts looking for things – one of our children, his glasses, a random book, the car keys – in our bed. I’ll wake up to find him rustling around, frustrated that he can’t find what he’s looking for, and then he’s very sheepish when he realizes what’s going on. Cracks me up. He was a WRECK after our first baby – the sleep deprivation undid him. He was always looking in closets and bathrooms for who knows what!

  14. Funny stuff Amber. You are not alone. For years my husband has done some crazy talking in his sleep. When we were first married, it scared me a little that he had absolutely no recollection of what he said. Makes for an interesting night though…

  15. Wow! Sorta cool! (Occasionally one of my kids sits up in his sleep and talks, then goes right back down again – still. Cracks me up!)

  16. I almost wish my husband talked in his sleep. That would be so much more entertaining than snoring.

  17. My daughter’s a sleepwalker, sleeprunner, sleeptalker. I figure she’s stressed out – she is the nervious type, after all! But since I work late in my office I’m always on red alert for her charging through the house. Once she almost ran into the garage!