Of Princesses and Puppy Dogs

After I came out about our family’s lack of holiday spirit (every holiday, mind you), I felt greatly relieved.  So much so that I actually celebrated Halloween with the kids.  Please don’t die of shock.

Ben worked all weekend, so I decided to take the kids to our church’s trunk or treat and chile cook off.

It. Was. Hard.  After arriving, I kept asking myself why in the world I even went.  I did have a good reason.  Truly.  I cannot use the excuse of Ben’s absence to abstain from out-of-the-home activities.  So, I will go when I can and do my best to make it fun for the kids.  I don’t know how to describe the event in greater detail without sounding too negative, but I will say that I am proud of myself for staying through the dinner and not breaking down.  I waited until after we left to cry.  Go me!

Ben worked Halloween day, so we were able to take the kids trick-or-treating to a few houses that night.  It was worth trucking through our cold and deserted neighborhood to hear Emily say, “trick or treat!”

I guess I could share photos with all of you.  (In case you are wondering, Ben nor I dressed up.  That would have been too much effort.)   I am so very proud of myself for  getting the kids in their costumes two days in a row.

Andrew kept his costume on long enough for me to take this picture, and then he acted like a one-year old by ripping it off and throwing it at me.  Silly boy.

Emily loved being a “pincess.”  Since she has never seen a Disney movie, I don’t think she has any idea what that means, but she did enjoy the dress, the tiara, and the wand thingy.

I like this new freedom I feel from the holidays.  It makes them kind of fun!



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14 responses to “Of Princesses and Puppy Dogs

  1. Glad you're picking and choosing rather than feeling pressured to do it all. Andrew made me laugh. He's a boy in puppy clothing! Emily is cute as always. Halloween is our favorite holiday because the kids love being in costume so much. Hopefully Andrew will get the hang of it next year!

  2. Aw, they are precious! I'm impressed you were able to snap a picture. When I'm overwhelmed and super busy a photo is usually the first thing to get neglected, and then I regret it later when I have nothing on record. Good work!

  3. Very adorable pincess and lion. Good for you for braving the church party–I'd have been in tears, too.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed Halloween – I think Halloween when you have young children is not about "holiday" it is purely about a magical night of fun for the children and trick or treating is such a very special thing to do – I am aware every year of how very few times we will get to do and enjoy this with our daughter before she decides she is too old for such things.

    Lovely photo!

  5. They look great! I always have loved Halloween, but with kids, there's more pressure!

  6. Good for you that you took those two cuties to the Church event. Halloween will probably become more fun for you as they get a little older. Then everything is easier, and the kids' excitement tends to be infectious.

    I can't tell you how many times I have left someplace in tears with all my kids. My husband works very long hours, too, and it is HARD to be the only parent at an activity (or even just grocery shopping).

  7. A-DOR-able. We go the the trunk trick-or-treat party every year too – my husband makes me. I spend most of the time with white knuckles, counting the minutes till we go, but the kids love it!

  8. What an awesome attitude – and man do your kids look cute!

  9. Lovely pics of the kids Amber. I've ran it solo many a night and been exactly where you are. Attitude is sometimes all we got.

  10. Those are some adorable trick-or-treaters!

  11. So, I need you to coach me through this holiday season. Give me a tough talk to remind me that decorations are beside the point at Christmas, and kitchen cabinets are overrated even at Thanksgiving. Etc. etc.

  12. They are absolutely adorable Amber!

  13. Your little ones are just too adorable. I'm with you. The holiday pressure can be really kind of insane. Good job for picking and choosing what you want to do. And I'm super impressed that you were able to get the kiddos in costumes 2 days in a row. I can barely manage to get myself dressed 2 days in a row. (Come to my house and you will see a whole lot of PJs. Even at dinnertime. Hee hee.)