What to do, what to do

A few weeks ago, a choice was thrust upon me: Keep Emily’s nap time or keep her bed time.  I tried both and instantly saw the advantages and disadvantages to either decision.

Once Ben quit his night/weekend job, I made the life altering decision of taking away her nap time.

It has been two weeks and I have already eaten forty times my weight in chocolate. I knew I enjoyed the quiet time while she slept, I just didn’t realize it also kept me sane.

While this isn’t the ultra positive (snicker snicker) post I try to write on Wednesdays, it is real.  And, heck, I’m not ashamed to admit I am this close to locking my little girl in her room for the whole day.  By 2 I have already texted Ben 1 million times asking him why I can’t move her bedtime to 3.

Still, once 6 rolls around and we have tucked the babes in bed, I am glad I made the change.

At least until 9 am the next morning.

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12 responses to “What to do, what to do

  1. Nap decisions are so hard. What saved me when mine quit napping was having quiet activities planned out. Lots of watercoloring. And I told her to read books. Which meant she sat and looked at the pages. Four books today, baby, mama needs to close her eyes. But the early bedtime is delicious.

  2. But soon she will be able to have a middle-of-the-day, non-sleeping quiet time! And that will be even awesomer than a nap! Probably! In the meantime, I will eat a piece of chocolate in solidarity.

  3. I think you're a glutton for punishment! 🙂

  4. Once my kids stop taking naps, I think I will seriously mourn and have a funeral for my lost "me" time. You must be stronger than me because I could never do it voluntarily.

    But sleeping from 6 p.m. to 9 a.m.???? Well, that's almost worth it!!!

  5. So today I'm coming out of the closet and finally posting on all the websites I read but never comment on.

    I TOTALLY understand that struggle, and made the same choice. It's so hard giving up some of the joyful afternoon quietness, but to have a silent house at 7:30 is a dream come true. The only downside is that I am too tired at that point to do anything! Also, I always struggle with the choice of staying up and having some fun, or going to bed early just in case the kids are up all night coughing/peeing the bed/other Tom Foolery.

    I totally love your blog! Hope you don't mind me following along.

  6. They sleep from 6pm to 9am? WOW. Totally worth it then 🙂

  7. I fought my oldest for months and months about the nap thing. I did not want to give up my quiet afternoon time. But, as you say, her ransacking her room during "nap time" or staying up till midnight were not viable long-term options either. Finally, I gave in.

    And just as we were getting used to our quiet afternoons together while the boys slept, it all started again with my son. But I had learned my lesson (read: pick your battles) and immediately stopped his nap. Now? He sacks out right away at bedtime. And I do, too, because there's No. Break. All. Day.

    All this to say: Yes! I empathize!

  8. Do you still make them have "quiet" time? That's what I used to do once they gave up naps…still do! 😉

  9. My kids stopped napping at a very young age. It was the same thing you decided. If I let them sleep in the day they would not go to bed until late at night. God luck adjusting to less down time!

  10. Those early bed times are the only things that saved me in certain periods of my mommy hood. Best of luck!

  11. Mckenzie

    Sometimes when I babysit my niece, I wish she still took naps. LoL