Year Four

Sometimes the Universe produces perfect moments.  When I was 15, I experienced–and benefited–from such a juncture.

When starting my first day at my first real job at KFC, I met my new manager: Ben.  He was 19.  I remember thinking, “Wow, he has very beautiful red hair.  He is also extremely good looking.”  I tried everything to impress him, wanting him to forget my age and treat me as his equal (which he has always done, by the way).  That night, while closing, we harmonized to the Dixie Chicks’ song, “Landslide.”

We’ve been harmonizing for the past 8 years.

I am lucky to have found my perfect match.  Each year, as we mature and grow, we seem to find even more in common than originally thought. Interestingly, as we make significant changes, our views reflect our mutual respect for each other’s opinions, morals, and example.  Of course we have differing perspectives on many topics, but that’s what makes our marriage fun!

As I think about how this year has unfolded–with enormous changes and transitions–I shiver with amazement for how we’ve not only survived but proven that our marriage has a nearly indestructible foundation.

There is no tolerance in our marriage, there is veneration, excitement, laughter, sex, and, most importantly, unblemished love.

I used to contemplate all that we’ve accomplished in our marriage on anniversaries; now I marvel at how close we’ve grown and all the trials we have tempered together.  I know it sounds cliche to say I married my best friend, but it’s the truth.

Four years and I am happier now than I was on our wedding day.



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14 responses to “Year Four

  1. Happy Anniversary Amber and Ben! I married my best friend too. I completely understand what you say about your marriage here. Sometimes the cliche works best.

  2. You two are so cute together. Not many people find someone who complements them as fully as Ben does for you (and vice versa). Congratulations on weathering an intense past few years and coming out stronger as a result!

  3. Glad you are blogging again and happy anniversary!!!

  4. Jen

    Happy anniversary! Here's to many many more!

  5. Aww! That's so great. And he is a handsome red-headed fellow, isn't he?

  6. So happy for you both, truly… Hoping for a few easier years to come!


  7. That is so great to hear! Happy anniversary!

  8. Happy Anniversary! It's funny, but I'm getting more and more sure that it's through the trials in our marriages that we find our greatest strengths. I'm glad you get to celebrate in your new home!

  9. Aww, happy anniversary. I know how you feel.. Every year, I'm happier and more in love with my husband than before! 🙂 Thinking of you! xoxo

  10. Happy anniversary – you guys look great – and happy!

  11. What an awesome post.