How Many Objects Can Fit Into a Bowl?

In a toilet bowl, that is.  Let’s examine the evidence.

The Scientist

The Witness

The Evidence

The Results: Not enough room, must use the floor.

In Conclusion: Given 10 minutes of “free” time, Andrew will help his mom with her weight loss goals by destroying the bathroom and allowing her to clean it.  And for that, I thank him.



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9 responses to “How Many Objects Can Fit Into a Bowl?

  1. Oh, dear. I wish I wasn't guffawing, but I am!! Bwaahaaaahaaaaa! Hey, at least you got a clean bathroom out of it, right?

  2. Oh My! Left to their own devices, the toilet bowl is no match for them!

  3. Ah, science… in all it's glory!

    I seem to recall that my firstborn decided to explore what made the toilet "tick," and by that I mean removing the heavy lid to the compartment that contains the mechanisms for the flush. He then dropped that rectangular porcelain lid into the toilet bowl itself – it was heavy after all – and that cracked the actual toilet. Yes, an entire new toilet was required. No, I was not laughing at the time.

    At the moment? It does make me smile. Just one among many "experiments" that followed…

  4. Nice. Very nice. LOL! Hopefully there wasn't anything important in the towels!

  5. Well, at least he understands the importance of experimenting. And look at that determination!

    Hee hee! (Sorry you had to clean.)

  6. privilegeofparenting

    This was exquisitely eloquent—I cannot begin to find words to express the myriad plunges I have taken in the line of parenting duty.

  7. Elastamom

    Oh my goodness. Help!!!

  8. I don't know what's going on with my three boys lately but the snake and the plunger have been my friends – just today (and yesterday and last week)!