Oh to Be An Astronomer

One of my favorite courses I took in my undergrad was Astronomy.  The physics, chemistry, and biology behind the formations of stars and planets fascinates me.  I’ve always wondered what would have happened had I tried to major in Physics rather than the major I chose; on the other hand, I am very passionate about the subject matter I studied.

Yet when I look at the night sky, I feel a fire burning within, encouraging me to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Universe.  To wrap my mind around the complicated Physics equations the Professor hinted at in the course I took.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened had you chose a different path?

*Image by nuttakit



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3 responses to “Oh to Be An Astronomer

  1. All the time. Daily. I think and I wonder and I often, despite my attempts not to, slip into regret. xoxo

  2. Oh, yes. There are the paths I left behind. But, I hope that those interests enrich my life, encourage me to keep learning and show passionate pursuit of ideas for their own sake to my girls.