Teaching Values Early

Back in September, Emily wanted to do things that were slightly dangerous–like driving.  Rather than saying no, I explained to her she could drive, when she turned 16.  After that I provided age requirements for everything: chewing gum at 8, working at 18, dating at 49, etc.

A parents greatest pride is when they see their teachings actively followed on.  My point came today, at the grocery store.

Pushing the cart back to the car, Emily yells from within the basket, “I be 21 and I drink BEER!!”

I am so glad we are teaching our children values from an early age.



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6 responses to “Teaching Values Early

  1. LOL. A proud moment for sure 🙂

  2. Hee hee. My daughter thinks I’m cruel for our age limits (10 for earrings, high school for heels). Whatever. She hasn’t asked about beer. Or wine. But… She did ask me if I was ever going to go to jail. Right after I sailed through a parking lot stop sign.

  3. Dating at 49…..love it.

  4. Di

    But there are values inherent in what she is saying – you just have to look at it the right way 😉 . See, she’s practising her stand-up comedy routine (quite clearly her calling in life is to give her message to the world via satire and humour), and this is her first gig. She might be saying, “See how ridiculous it is to hear a baby proclaiming she wants a beer; should drinking be an acceptable behaviour just because of one’s age?” Or something like that, anyway. I hear you, Emily. Get it out there, in the supermarkets, anywhere you can! You will be heard. Love your work, Amber.

  5. My husband LOVES to tell people about this beer poster he saw in Utah. I’m so sorry if this offends, but, given where you’re at lately and your daughter’s comment here I thought it might make you laugh. The sign reads: “Polygamy Porter! Bring some home to the wives!” Oh, he gets such a kick out of that and I adore his laughter.

    • admin

      Of course this doesn’t offend me! I remember seeing those and wishing I could transport them to my new home. ; )