When I Get That Urge to Kick Something, I Think of Emily (And Usually Do It Anyway)

Emily is very expressive.  Lately, when things are not going her way, she growls and says, “I’m frustrated!” Or, if Andrew is not doing things the way she wants him to, she angrily grunts “Andrew! Stop!”

I know exactly where she gets her grunts and expressions from – me.  While I could sit and feel guilty that my daughter is learning bad behaviour from her mom, I choose to look at her angry grunts, scowls, and snide remarks as evidence of her emerging self.  Like all kids her age, she imitates what she sees, so all my explosions of frustration and anger teach her how to respond when she faces similar situations.  And I don’t see any problem with that.

Frankly, I think my responses are fairly mild.  I don’t yell, spank, or call her and her brother names (besides pooky pants or other silly made up words) and I am quick to apologize and show an excessive amount of love.  Something that she has also picked up on.

When Andrew is having a hard day, she hugs him and gives him extra attention and special treatment.  When I am sick, she rubs my back and says, “I’m sorry momma.”  If Andrew falls down, she runs to him and says “are you okay?”  And, best of all, she will randomly tell all of us how much she loves us.

Yeah, my daughter can get angry – like me – but, more often and more importantly, she is a sweet girl who willingly and freely expresses her affections toward her loved ones.  I can honestly say I taught her that too.

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6 responses to “When I Get That Urge to Kick Something, I Think of Emily (And Usually Do It Anyway)

  1. Big

    This is a great reminder that kids are little sponges. For everything good – and not so good. (Isn’t it delightful to see her helping her brother and offering those expressions of love?)


  2. This is why I grumble that motherhood makes me a better person. Most of which, I am grateful for. But sometimes I really just want to kick that thing.

  3. Hey, at least she doesn’t hold it in, right? 🙂

  4. You’re teaching her anger is okay. Which it IS. Especially when you move through it. Wish my parents showed me that. I still struggle with expressing my anger or other ‘negative’ emotions.

  5. I didn’t learn to be angry until … yesterday… and that was a severe handicap. Way to go. 🙂

  6. I wish I was more like Emily and could let it all out.