I am accustomed to change.  From handling 0 to 1 kid and 1 to 2 kids; transitioning from high school to college and college to graduate school; and moving from apartment to apartment (to town home and back to apartment) and from city to city and across state lines.

Yes, change.

One change that scares me beyond the rest will happen between July and August – the baby’s arrival.  While I was excited for a third baby’s arrival with pregnancies 3, 4, 5, and 6, it didn’t happen.  Instead, I lost baby after baby before the second trimester.   And, with that, all those feelings of excitement and anticipation that often comes with pregnancy were replaced by fear and anxiety.

In less than 4 months (FOUR MONTHS), the long hoped for yet seemingly hopeless event will happen.  A baby that is healthy (and active), a surprise (gender unknown), and our last (natural) addition will arrive.

Change.  The third child.  What many have warned will be the hardest transition our family will make.

I think we’re ready.

Five for Five starts today. Join. Seriously.



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16 responses to “Three

  1. Three is hard because it’s no longer man-to-man coverage. If you accept that you will simply never have enough hands or eyes to manage it all (and that you’ll be okay anyway), all will be swell. CAN’T WAIT for baby’s arrival!

  2. OK. Here’s the thing about three. Yeah, it’s no longer “man to man.” But that’s doable. The THING though, that no one tells you, and that it took me a LONNNNGGGG time to put into words, is that a third kid means so many more RELATIONSHIPS in your family. And that’s where the exponentiality begins. One more body, one more (different) personality, and a new relationship web to navigate. But you know what? You’re ready for this, Amber. You are. And I’m so excited for you.

  3. I am participating in the five for five. I am trying to read three new blogs a day. I clicked on yours because of your title – three. I just knew it would be a bout three kids so I clicked on it. I am thrilled for your addition – three is fun. I have suffered three miscarriages, 2 after my third child, trying for the fourth. So, three is my given number – three is such a blessing. Congrats.

  4. I have a couple of friends expecting Number Three and you know what? I’m secretly envious. I’ve always planned for two but now that I’m so in love with this whole baby thing, I want more! I know, I’m crazy. I know it won’t be easy to manage three either. Not to mention finding a table at a restaurant! Hehe, priorities 🙂

    But it can be done. You, my friend, can certainly pull it off! I’m so excited for you!

  5. Stacia and Jen are both so right. Luckily the baby doesn’t assert much personality at first, so you can blearily feed the little one as the bigger two get into all kinds of trouble. I shout – work it out you two OR figure out how to share it our I’ll take it away – a lot. I cannot be everywhere I’m needed. But it’s what Jen says that made two tough for me – instead of three relationships (me+kid, dad+kid, me+husband), there were 7, not to mention the triad relationships and the whole group dynamic…. Now… Oof.

    That and unrealistic expectations that I could be all I had been while being a mommy to a newborn. It’s all a great lesson in flexibility.

    All that said, it’ll be fine. Going from one to two was harder for me in those early months.

  6. Bring it on! You have the resilience to handle anything. (And I can’t wait for more photos of adorable red-headed babies!)

  7. I’m going to echo Justine. I’m secretly envious, and you will do fantastic. Because YOU are ready. Congratulations. I hope the next four months fly by. 🙂


  8. I agree with Momalom…and the great news? My third was, and still is, my easiest one. 🙂 You’re ready!!

  9. You will be wonderful. And I am so excited for you, and for your family. Three is tough, but it is also exquisite. xox

  10. Yay Amber! It has been such a long road but you are getting there. You will be wonderful. Even if you don’t feel wonderful, you will be fine. Hugs. Miss you. xoxo

  11. Laura J.

    Three was tough at first only because the other two were still so little. It will get WAY easier as they get older and can do more things for themselves AND start going to school! In fact, I would consider myself a pro at juggling three. 😉

  12. I know you are 🙂

  13. I’m thrilled for this new change for you! You’ve endured so much. This baby is truly your miracle. Enjoy each day now, up until and through the birth of your new baby! I can’t wait to hear what it will be!

  14. Amber: I know your going to do great with three. I believe you are probably more ready that you think. Three sounds so good… especially because of what you’ve endured.

  15. Brave souls you are, young Jedi. We wanted to outnumber the wee one, so quit at uno. (That and we were just too darn old!) love you!

  16. I actually thought that transitioning to two was harder than going to three. With three, I already had two that could play with each other and give me and the baby some time alone. When I went from one to two, I had a toddler who still really needed my attention all the time but I also had a baby who needed it too. You will be able to do it and it will be great!