Women Who Run With the Wolves: A Book Club

Women Who Run with the Wolves

Books.  I love books.  I especially love books that help me learn about myself and things I struggle with.  Thus, when a friend brought up Women Who Run With the Wolves as a potential book club pick, I immediately agreed.  Since we are spread all over the country, we’ve decided to make it an on-line book club and invite all who wish to participate.  I am joining ranks with the lovely Genevieve to host this fabulous book club and discussion.  I think her lovely introduction of the book will convince you.

Introduction: Singing Over the Bones

Clarissa Pinkola Estés introduces us to her wonderful book with beautiful prose describing her youth and womanhood and the repressed wildness of so many women today. She teaches us who the Wild Women is, The One Who Knows, the inner part of our psyche that takes our trembling hand to lead us into darkness or light depending on our needs or instinct. The Wild Woman is not the waifish angel or goddess; she is gnarled and old, earthy and tangled, dark and defiant.

“Stories are medicine.” Estés takes us on a journey through the landscape of her childhood, when she was surrounded by elders and wise ones who used stories to teach culture, history, and even psychology. She earned her doctorate in ethno-clinical psychology, and became a respected Jungian analyst. Dreams, archetypes, and stories are her bread and butter and she happily shares with those who will join her at the table.

“This is a book of women’s stories, held out as markers along the path. They are for you to read and contemplate in order to assist you toward your own natural-won freedom, your caring for self, animals, earth, children, sisters, lovers, and men.”

I have found the stories in this book to be parables for my own life. I can easily see some of them coming from the mouth of Jesus as He taught principles like forgiveness or love. I relate well to stories as a teaching medium, and Jungian analysis with its archetypes and mysticism captivates me.

Are you ready for this journey?

Order your copy today and join us for a fabulous discussion of chapter one on Monday, July 16.



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4 responses to “Women Who Run With the Wolves: A Book Club

  1. I’ve had a copy of this book for years but have never gotten past the first few pages. I am going to pick it back up and read along with you! Thanks Amber. Looking forward to it.

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