How I've Forgotten These Newborn Days (Update On the Book Club)

In retrospect, I should have realized that starting a book club before I had the baby was probably not the best idea. You’d think I would have learned from my previous two babies to not try too many things at once during the first few weeks postpartum, but I didn’t.

I am emerging from my sleep deprived haze, and feel ready to tackle life again. I am also saying good-bye, sadly, to the last of our family members who have graciously helped out with Emily and Andrew while I recovered and tried to get some sleep during the day.   With my mother leaving, I am in desperate need of a schedule AND inspiration from Clarissa Estes.  La Loba, give me strength and wisdom to continue creating!

To keep the book club going, I’ve decided to make a few changes.

First, rather than doing a chapter every two weeks, it’s going to be two chapters once a week.  I will post the discussion questions and my thoughts every Monday, but you can comment whenever you’d like.

Second, I want to hear your voices.  I really enjoyed Genevieve’s summary of the introduction and Renee’s thoughts on chapter two. I would love to have more book club discussion guest posts.  If you’d like to submit your thoughts on a chapter (or two, three, ten) please e-mail me at hereeverymomentcounts [at] gmail [dot] com or comment here or on the book club’s page.

Third, since there are so many gems in the chapters, I am going to keep the discussion alive during the week on my Facebook page by posting my favorite quotes and/or questions regarding the chapters.  PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE so I’m not talking to myself during the week.  (I do enough of that and don’t need anymore encouragement.)

Fourth, I now have a book club page that has the schedule and links to posts that have already been written.

Since my soul is clearly needing rejuvenation based on the dark man dreams I’ve been having, I am counting on this new book club arrangement to help in kick starting my creative self.  I hope you all join me.


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5 responses to “How I've Forgotten These Newborn Days (Update On the Book Club)

  1. I haven’t picked it back up since chapter one. I got sucked into ‘Game of Thrones’ but I am going to pick it back up tonight and catch up. Maybe I’ll even jump ahead!

  2. How do read anything anytime, with three kids, one of whom is newborn???

    The only time I can actually read, really read (not for work-related things) is if I leave town. And that doesn’t seem to happen very often!

  3. I’m looking forward to the changes. This book was fabulous from start to finish and I’m totally stoked to start the discussion! Also, I know what you mean about taking up new projects with a newborn. Do you think it’s a nesting instinct? Or perhaps we have moment of invincibility where we think we can do anything? (and everything?)

    • admin

      I think you have a point- if we didn’t think we were invincible or super moms, perhaps the postpartum period would be even more difficult. Hmmm