A Greener Neighborhood

We’ve lived in Missouri for over a year now.  In that year, we moved from a huge townhouse in a small town to a tiny (third floor) apartment in a large city.  While I prefer the large townhouse, I don’t exactly miss the small town.  In cities, it is easier to walk around town.  Our current location does not afford that.   After a year of being forced to drive places (because of poor sidewalk systems and large hills that separate me from my destinations), I realize how important walking/biking is to me.

When we lived in Utah, we lived in an apartment that was within walking distance of several parks, stores, doctors’ offices, downtown restaurants, the local library and schools.  After I had Andrew, I started to walk everywhere to cope with postpartum depression and it grew on me. So when we decided to cut our gas budget in half, just enough to transport Ben to work and back, I learned to use my stroller to get everywhere.  I went over a year without using a car except for big shopping trips and when we needed to get somewhere that was further away than 2 miles.

This kept me and the kids healthy. We slept better, ate better, and felt better because we were outside for the majority of the day.

I miss that.

Since we’ll be moving in less than 5 months, I am keeping my eyes and ears open for the best locations to move to.  I am looking for homes with good schools, parks, and stores – all within walking distance.  I’d like to use my stroller again.

Is walking important to you?  Do you prefer it over driving your car?  What do you think about planning green communities that will, hopefully, limit the amount a person needs to drive? 


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6 responses to “A Greener Neighborhood

  1. Since college I have preferred to live my life so that I can walk everywhere I need to go. I’ve been seen walking with my empty ‘old lady cart’ down to the grocery store in the morning because I needed milk and a workout and I didn’t see why I shouldn’t combine the two.
    I do have a car and I do use it. But I also love walking, esp. on nice days. Most especially on nice days. Thankfully, I live within walking distance of several shopping centers with a variety of grocery stores to choose from. I can walk to the library. There is a lovely bar my husband and I frequently walk to for nachos and pitchers of beer. And joy of all joys, this year my daughter goes to the school 2 blocks away, which means, you guessed it, she’s walking there. I think being able to walk everywhere is a lovely, lovely way to live.

  2. Papa Wayne & Melanie

    Hi Amber — Where are you going in five months?

    BTW, Wayne just mentioned that I need to confirm with you that we plan to be in St. Louis beginning on the evening of October 26th and leaving on the morning of October 29th. I thought he had this all figured out with Ben but now he’s not sure! I hope you were aware of that!!! xxoo Melanie

  3. I miss the all the walking we did in Europe, well, after the whole broken-leg thing. Here, it’s impossible to walk anywhere. No sidewalks, nothing is close, and idiot drivers unaccustomed to pedestrians. Boo.

  4. We walk a lot…but I still wish we were able to walk to the grocery store, etc. We can ride our bikes most places. Good luck with finding a place!!!

  5. Elizabeth P.

    Ah man! My heart cringes knowing that you can’t get out and walk around! I’m counting down those 4.5 months with you! You can do it!

  6. I prefer walking, but everything is too spread out here in the Desert. The heat also plays a factor as well and walking just isn’t as feasible. Good Luck Amber!