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What I Wish I’d Known Before Attending CBC

The classes that CBC offered were amazing, but the best part was meeting all of my virtual friends in real life.  That was my real reason for attending. Yes, I learned a bit from the workshops, but that wasn’t nearly as important, to me, as chatting with my friends. So, when the opportunity came to skip a class in favor of lunch, I chose to take it.  It was these moments where we were able to focus on the serious stuff, like if we have ever cussed. I know.  Serious stuff.

If I were to do this over again (or if I were to actually plan in advance for next year), I would plan lunches and dinners beforehand with my wonderful friends.  That way, I might be able to snag more time with Crash. Instead, I had to pose like I was finally meeting a celebrity (because I was) when she snapped a photo of me.

Crash is super awesome.

Or I would actually take my camera rather than steal pictures from my friends’ sites.  (Sorry Crash.)

In many ways, two days was not nearly enough to bask in all my dear friends’ wonderfulness.  I already miss them.  Thank goodness for blogging.


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I Think I’m In Love (Part One)

I have three words for you: Casual Blogger Conference.

I also have four words for you: I broke my stinking camera a few days before I went.  Okay, that’s like 11 words,  but I never boast of my math skills.  I’m lucky if I can count to three on a normal day.  You know,  one…..two…..geee! (That’s how Emily counts.  She is an excellent teacher.)

Anyway.  I went to the conference unsure of how things would go.  I mean, I was meeting famous people! Without getting my hair cut! Jenna, thankfully, did not mention my crazy locks and even tolerated my awkwardness!  I know, cool, right?

The ever popular and quite famous MommyJ and Inkmom made me feel super special by recognizing me! And their babies were cute enough to eat.  For real.

While we were chatting,  Serene came over to share in the love.  Oh. My. Word.  That lady is fabulous.  She is like my soul sister.  She also introduced me to Tauna and Linda.  I liked them because they ogled my baby the next day.  Anyone who ogles my baby is a keeper.

Our lovely conversation abruptly ended when we saw Charlotte.  Duh duh duh.  I practically ran over there because she is that amazing.  I would feel comfortable calling texting her at anytime.  Plus,  she is me, fast forward like ten years.

Rachel, who convinced me to attend the Girl’s Night Out, is the sweetest lady.  She let me sit next to her and even volunteered to drive on Saturday when we were all hungry.

While sitting down for a few minutes,  Jaime joined us at our table.  She and I are kindred souls, I mean we could talk about Alaska forever!

The Damsel gave me a gigantic hug when she recognized me.  She is so inviting and sweet, I feel very lucky to have met her.

A big bonus was meeting Mombabe, Motherboard, and Kristina.  After meeting these three, I was dizzy from their famous fumes.

And this was only one night.  I am feeling happily tired just thinking about it all.  Meeting all these ladies felt like meeting old friends.  Our conversations were never dry because we related so well with each other.


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(Almost) Wordless Monday

I am full from the Conference.  My brain is whirring and can’t seem to focus on one thing.   BUT, I have visual proof that I went.

I had a blast.  Whew.  I am still tired from it all.

Gosh, I love you all!


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In Case You Don’t Recognize Me, I’ll Be Wearing Purple

This weekend is the big Casual Blogger Conference.  Since it is so close to where we live, my husband wouldn’t let me pass it up.  So I will be joining hundreds (thousands?) of ladies and men in listening to some awesome speakers like DeNae Handy, Courtney Kendrick, and Sue Marchant.  It’s even better that I actually know these ladies.

I know that hundreds of people will be fighting to meet me,  so I decided to introduce myself.  Virtually.

Me and my super cute baby and cool brother.

Hi, I’m Amber.  Thanks to a recent cold,  my voice now sounds like a deeper version of Phoebe’s sexy voice on friends.  I have dark blond hair and a smile that is permanently etched on my face (i.e. I have premature wrinkles).  Miss Flow’s recent visit left a few unwanted visitors on my face that I hope will disappear before the conference.  If they don’t,  well,  they don’t.  I am somewhere between small and average in waist size; although, this is covered up by healthy servings in the rear and chest area.

When I’m nervous, I talk extra fast, giggle extra hard, and say extra embarrassing things.  I also blush easily.  If you still can’t recognize me,  look for the lady with the extra red face.

I have an above average case of momnesia.  In mid sentence I may stop, look around with a confused expression, and start talking about something entirely unrelated.  Conversations may be choppy or silly but I do have something up my sleeve: I will be holding a cute baby.  Theoretically,  this provides you an easy out in any awkward or confusing conversations we might have.  I can’t guarantee it, but it’s worth a try.

He is much cuter in person. Go ahead, give his cheeks a virtual squeeze.

Since this is a special occasion,  I might actually do my hair.  I can’t make promises but I think my blow dryer and straightener will see the outside of the cupboard more this weekend than they have since my husband  bought them for me.   I may even wear earrings, makeup, and some shirts that do not have stains on them.   Since this may be pushing it, I am once again relying on Andrew’s extra cuteness to save me.  Heck,  maybe he will share some of his cuteness  with me.

There you have it.  See you at CBC ’10!!


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