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Breathless and Content

Medical school comes in three waves of intensity: the first week is chill but the student is tense and can’t relax; the second week picks up as lectures increase and class time thickens; and the third week is 24/7 close-to-panic-mode as the students prepare for the block exam (a 3-5 hour period in which they take all the subject exams in one integrated exam).

As you can imagine, for the family this can potentially turn into an emotional roller-coaster.

I will not say it has been super easy.  Right now, I am working full-time as well as taking care of the household duties while Ben studies all day and–sometimes–all night.

Yet, unlike before, I don’t feel like I’m on the edge of sanity.  I don’t find myself freaking out on a regular basis.  I mean there are moments when I feel weighed down by responsibility but, for the most part, I am happy with how things are running in our family.

As I am transitioning from a stay-at-home mom into a working mom, I find certain things sliding.  Combine this with being, for 2-3 weeks a month, a married, single, working parent and I find myself almost failing in certain areas: cleaning, grocery shopping, and writing.  However, my parenting is at an all-time high.  My kids love spending time with me and I love spending time with them.  So when I am home with them, I refuse to get distracted by outside sources and find myself re-inventing my relationship with them.  It is a metaphysical experience that is leaving me breathless and content.

Until I figure out how to arrange my schedule to include writing–as writing is a must when it comes to my sanity–I will be sparse around these internet parts.  Please excuse my absence from your blogs, I will catch up as soon as I can.

P.S. Right now we are in the third week mode.  Things are a bit rough in our home.  I am excited to party with my absent husband as soon as his tests are over.  And once I get home from work.



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