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Memories Captured, Thanks Technology!

After my fifth (or was it seventh?) phone crashed in 2 years, I convinced my husband that it’s time I upgrade.  Like that, I had a high-tech smart phone with all the cool things it offered: apps for everything – maps, Facebook, Blogger, e-mail – and a camera.  A nice camera.  Better than my point and shoot camera, in fact.

So, after a long hiatus from picture taking, I started capturing little memories.  Andrew’s grumpy faces, Emily’s mischievous doings, Emily and Andrew playing and laughing together and Ben sitting with his kids.  With Picasa and Instagram suddenly available from my phone, I’ve taken more photos in a few months than I have in the last year and I’ve enjoyed taking these pictures.

With my weird personality quirks, it’s simple things – like a smartphone – that enable me to engage with my kids and actively capture our moments together. It’s what helps keep me alive and going, especially as I balance school and family and pregnancy (yes, an entity all its own).

While my privileged state is clearly shown through this post, I don’t care.  I am glad for technology and extremely grateful for my smartphone.

{Five for Five Day Three: Pictures. Join in!}



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The Ultrasound. It's A…..

I love school, with only a few exceptions.  It has taken over my life! I am working really hard  on finding some balance, but it’s a constant battle.  I figure with all the papers I’m writing (at least a 5 pager a week) (which is only difficult as I have to research academic stuff) (and that can be boring), I shall soon become an expert writer.  And maybe, just maybe, will use these skills to write a memoir.  Or continue into a doctorate program and focus on research stuff.  I won’t tell you which one I favor as my geek will totally come through and, for my kids’ sake, I’m trying to “cool” myself up.

Um, yeah.

In other news, I’m over 20 weeks (22.2 exactly) and will finally have my ultrasound (moving, changing doctors, and insurance stuff really delayed the process) today.  The question that is on everyone’s mind is, what will I have?  A boy? A girl? Twins? (Haha, it’s one baby BUT IT’S POSSIBLE.)

However, I am taking the crazy route and not finding out.

That’s right, folks.  This baby will be the first in our family to not have a gender until birth!  Er…rather, for us not to know the gender.

With our first two, it was imperative that I find out.  Seriously.  I would lay awake at night wondering who inhabited my body.  Now, I want to be surprised.  This will be the last pregnancy and I want it to be as special as both Emily’s and Andrew’s were and there is no real urgency in finding out the sex now.  I mean, even when I did know Andrew’s sex I still didn’t buy clothes until after he was born (although, in my defense, that’s because he came a leeeetle bit early).

And that’s it: School, baby, two other kids, craziness.


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How Not to Survive (Under)Graduate School

I am three weeks into my program and wondering, what the hell was I thinking?  To make it easier for me and my fellow (under)graduate students, I’ve composed a list of 10 ways to ensure one doesn’t survive school.

1. Have kids.  Lots of ’em. And, if possible, make sure you’re pregnant WITH kids.

2. Start out poor.  Extra stress from financial burdens is extremely important to (non)success.

3. Stay home full-time with your kids, finding baby-sitters *only* when you have class.  This way you and your children will experience (under)graduate school together!

4. Move FAR away from family.  When you need help with little things, like an emergency baby-sitter, you will learn patience by taking your kids with you to appointments and classes!

5. Include your partner/spouse in the school/life/mother/spouse balance by sending them away for a few weeks.  You’ll never appreciate them more than when they are gone and return.

6. Ensure that you live on the third floor of an apartment complex without a washer and dryer.  This will make you appreciate your ancestors as you lug your kids (who refuse to walk), the laundry, the laundry supplies, and your pregnant body up and down the stairs to the laundromat.

7. Live in a *small* apartment.  Nothing like enclosed spaces to improve familial relationships!

8. If you have a mental illness, don’t take your medicine – for physical or whatever reasons – to improve your chances at (non)success.

9. Ensure that your toddler and preschooler are sufficiently independent and busy enough to cause all types of chaos while you attempt to work on a paper.

10. Don’t sleep.  Blame it on pregnancy-induced insomnia, anxiety-induced insomnia, or just insomnia in general.  That way, by the end of the week, you are hysterical with overwhelming stress and exhaustion.  A perfect recipe for (non)success.

If you can, try to combine one or more of these and I promise you the (under)graduate experience of your life!



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Why Blogs Need a "Like" Button and Other Completely (Un)Related Thoughts

Since I am horrible, no good, blogger, I am terrible at responding to comments.  I read all of them, and usually compose the best responses, but writing them out seems impossible. Especially with my many distractions–admissions essay, work, Facebook, kids, and my husband.

What I need is a “like” button for comments, then all of you will KNOW I read them, even if I couldn’t respond.


Recently, “i think i am the craziest person on the planet” search landed a person on my blog.  I hope they learned the truth that I am sole owner of that title.  Don’t you dare take it away from me.

I had other awesome search terms and carefully placed them in categories for you.

You Landed In the Right Place

“Make my husband last sarcastic” (Sorry lady/man, I can only help him become MORE sarcastic)

“sarcastic people have more illnesses” (Clearly)

“parenting fail” (after fail, after fail…)

“menu to gain 20 pounds in one month” (Hello! Birth control!)

“tired of being a mother” (I get it.)


“how do you install the oh birth control” (read the instructions!)

“real gay moments” (not sure if you’ll find what you’re looking for here)

“making pee” (BECOME PREGNANT!!)

“gay love making” (no words)

Say it with me, “AWWWW!”

“support my husband for his medical school interview”

“closer i get to you 2011”

“blog post supporting duggar family miscarriage”

“little girl sweet kisses” (I’m going to assume this was innocent)


In lieu of boring you with updates on this pregnancy, I am using Facebook.  If you don’t have Facebook, and want boring updates, let me know and I will start an e-mail thingy.


We celebrated Solstice this year with a candle light dinner and toasts to celebrate light starting to increase daily.  It was awesome.


Emily thinks the Muppets on Sesame Street have penis noses.  What do you say to that?  She also told the nurse on our last visit that “Mommy is getting a baby today!” Sorry to disappoint you, girly, but it’s going to take longer than 5 weeks for that to happen.


Happy holidays to all of you! I hope you eat as much food as you want and think of me while doing so.  You can bet I would be glaring in your direction as you masticate on all those delicious entrées and desserts while I sit with my puke bowl in my lap and munch on Saltines in the hope that I won’t vomit.


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I Caved

College football season has begun.  Once upon a time,  I would’ve dreaded this time.  It was one more thing that took Ben’s attention away from me.   This year, though,  I am looking forward to it.  Nay,  I am encouraging football watching.

My thinking changed completely last year when football pulled me through the last month of contractions.  Every night I would lay on the couch trying to find some comfort in the awful sensations that wouldn’t lead anywhere, and watch football with husband.  It’s hard to hate something that you have bonded so close with.

So.  This year?  I was excited.  Unfortunately, our mode of football viewing was discontinued when we changed internet service providers.  As we don’t have a TV,  we were stuck.  How were we going to watch our beloved Cougars as well as the other 8 games during a week?

I came up with a solution.  One that even shocked my husband.

I suggested we buy a cheap TV and get cable.

I know.  I must have lost my marbles.

Anyway.  My husband took me up on the offer.  Last week, he found an awesome deal on Craigslist (or some on-line thing) for a $10 TV.  He contacted the cable company and bought a very basic cable package for $20 a month.

In a couple of days,  we will join millions of other Americans by watching multiple college football games at the same time.  More accurately,  I will blog while my husband watches football and provides a running commentary on what is happening.  Since I am remarkably capable of doing four things at once,  I will write, listen, watch, and comment without missing a beat.

And I will have an excuse to eat hot wings.  I love hot wings.


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Random Tidbits

When we were first married,  I insisted Ben always grocery shop with me.  We hate grocery shopping,  but it’s one of those necessary evils.  Anyway,  he used to commiserate with a fellow friend whose wife also never grocery shopped without him.  They always had the best jokes (not).

Well.  Once I finished school,  it was absurd that I wait for Ben to shop; thus,  I learned to go without him.

Fast forward to now.  Because of my new pelvic rest mandate from the doctor,  I can no longer shop on my own.  Being the awesome wife that I am,  I made sure to point this out to my husband.

Now the joke is on him.


I have a confession to make:  I’m still nursing Andrew.  Once I found out I was pregnant,  I decided to fully wean him.  He was taking formula twice a day, but once I made this decision the more he has resisted.  I started panicking once I was put on Progersterone supplements because of of the side effects is decreased milk supply.   Miraculously,  my milk supply has increased with this supplement.  I don’t know if it’s because God knew Andrew would need that time with me to ease the transition or if its because my body reacts in bizarre ways to medicine; whatever the reason,  I’m glad.

Will I nurse the entire pregnancy?  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll figure out what is best for both of us.


With my last two pregnancies,  I remember experiencing the pregnancy brain phenomena,  but I forgot just how bad it gets.  Lately,  I will start an intelligent sentence and immediately forget a) what I was going to say b) the word(s) I was going to use or c) a combination of both.  Basically,  I come off like a bumbling idiot who stays at home with her kids.  Well,  for those who perceive me that way,  I do have a degree.  So there.


Andrew and Emily have been alternating with different sicknesses the past few weeks.  Needless to say, our sleep has been less than beneficial.  However,  we can’t entirely blame the kids.  Ben has been sleeping less because he is worried about his medical school applications and I have been sleeping poorly because of all my pregnancy worries.

But I’ll stick with blaming the kids.  It’s so much easier that way.


I’ve was reading this history about the war between the states.  It was really interesting learning more about Grant and Sherman; unfortunately, the writing became so confusing that I had to put it down.  Between that and all the recent disappointments with fiction,  I have started reading my husband’s Biology and Physiology textbooks.  I know,  call me a nerd,  but it is really entertaining!


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Intentional Happiness + Bigger Picture Moment

Finding intentional happiness and seeing the bigger picture is easy for me this week.  I’m sure you know why.


Morning Sickness

When I took the pregnancy test,  the positive line was faint.  It worried me, slightly, but I was too excited to think about it.  While in California last week,  my anxiety kicked in.  I became weepy, angry, depressed, and frustrated with everything around me.  My husband was confused by my sudden alteration and finally confronted me.  In the quiet and safe place of the guest room, I unloaded all my worries.

What if I’m not pregnant?

You took a test, it was positive.

But what if it was wrong? What if I had a miscarriage early on?

I think that is pretty rare, but we could go buy another pregnancy test if you’d like.

No, I’d have to take it in the morning (don’t ask) and we don’t have time.  If I am pregnant, why don’t I feel sick yet?

You’re not that far along.  Be patient.

Yes, but, but, but, but…..

And the list continued on and on.   If I had been thinking clearly, I would have recognized my anxiety and severe mood swings as sure indicators I am pregnant.  Thankfully my husband did not mention that.

My pregnancies follow a simple order. Five weeks: nausea.  Six weeks: excessive vomiting. Seven-fourteen weeks: IV therapy.  Fourteen until the end: continued nausea and/or vomiting but no IV therapy.  Thus, not feeling sick immediately reminds me of my miscarriage, when the symptoms did not arise and I knew something was wrong.

We returned from our trip and almost immediately the nausea set in.  It wasn’t overpowering, at first, but enough to make me smile.  I would feel the urge to vomit and happily tell my husband.  I think he thought I was losing it.

I am sitting now, in front of the computer, closing my eyes against the nausea,  willing my stomach to keep my dinner down, and smiling.  Because to me, sickness means a healthy pregnancy and I really want to meet this baby.


My Beautiful Children

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Bigger Picture Moment


Intentional Happiness
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