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What Makes Me Happy

*Waking up to a clean house.

*Drinking a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

*Snuggling with my love in bed until the kids’ screams force us to get up.

*Listening to Emily’s chatter.  “Andy sleeping.”  “Circle! Pink circle!” “Thanks, mommy!”  “Do you hear a fire truck?” “Baby cry?” “1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10!”

*Preparing a delicious crock pot meal in the morning and enjoying it for dinner.

*Receiving hugs and kisses from my man.

*Reading blog posts during nap times.

*Eating a bowl of warm soup on cold night.

*Snuggling up to a good book in my favorite chair.  (Just finished The Bridge of San Luis Rey and am currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  Wow.  What I have missed all these years!)

*Laughing/crying/discussing the day’s adventures with my wonderful husband.

*Spending time with my favorite people.

What makes you happy?


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Random Tidbits

When we were first married,  I insisted Ben always grocery shop with me.  We hate grocery shopping,  but it’s one of those necessary evils.  Anyway,  he used to commiserate with a fellow friend whose wife also never grocery shopped without him.  They always had the best jokes (not).

Well.  Once I finished school,  it was absurd that I wait for Ben to shop; thus,  I learned to go without him.

Fast forward to now.  Because of my new pelvic rest mandate from the doctor,  I can no longer shop on my own.  Being the awesome wife that I am,  I made sure to point this out to my husband.

Now the joke is on him.


I have a confession to make:  I’m still nursing Andrew.  Once I found out I was pregnant,  I decided to fully wean him.  He was taking formula twice a day, but once I made this decision the more he has resisted.  I started panicking once I was put on Progersterone supplements because of of the side effects is decreased milk supply.   Miraculously,  my milk supply has increased with this supplement.  I don’t know if it’s because God knew Andrew would need that time with me to ease the transition or if its because my body reacts in bizarre ways to medicine; whatever the reason,  I’m glad.

Will I nurse the entire pregnancy?  I don’t know.  I guess I’ll figure out what is best for both of us.


With my last two pregnancies,  I remember experiencing the pregnancy brain phenomena,  but I forgot just how bad it gets.  Lately,  I will start an intelligent sentence and immediately forget a) what I was going to say b) the word(s) I was going to use or c) a combination of both.  Basically,  I come off like a bumbling idiot who stays at home with her kids.  Well,  for those who perceive me that way,  I do have a degree.  So there.


Andrew and Emily have been alternating with different sicknesses the past few weeks.  Needless to say, our sleep has been less than beneficial.  However,  we can’t entirely blame the kids.  Ben has been sleeping less because he is worried about his medical school applications and I have been sleeping poorly because of all my pregnancy worries.

But I’ll stick with blaming the kids.  It’s so much easier that way.


I’ve was reading this history about the war between the states.  It was really interesting learning more about Grant and Sherman; unfortunately, the writing became so confusing that I had to put it down.  Between that and all the recent disappointments with fiction,  I have started reading my husband’s Biology and Physiology textbooks.  I know,  call me a nerd,  but it is really entertaining!


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Insanity Is My Middle Name

I want to have six children.   I have always wanted a big family, and when Ben and I got married, we agreed that six sounds like a nice number.  All right, we actually wanted more initially but my first pregnancy kind of scared us.  Besides, I want to be done before I turn thirty.  Yeah, before. I have plenty of reasons behind my choice, but I’ll limit it to the top five.

1. Youth.  Frankly, pregnancy is difficult.  Since I have a family history of pregnancy complications, I am hoping that starting and finishing young will keep them away.

2. Money.  Since we don’t have money, our options are limited.  It’s great! I don’t worry about setting up a nursery, buying cool toys, or getting new clothes.  I shop at used stores and set up the Pac N’ Plays in our tiny second bedroom when new babies arrive!  The awesome thing is, the babies don’t care.  Heck, they’d sleep in a box if I let them.  (Which I don’t.  Obviously.)

3.  Travel.  We don’t travel (reason # 2) But, because we are young (reason #1), the last kid will leave the house by the time we are fifty.  Fifty. That leaves Ben and me plenty of time for world traveling.  And we will even have money to spend.

4. Education.  I graduated with my bachelor’s degree and plan on pursuing a Masters sometime in the future.  Because I am young (reason #1), my options are not limited.  Once Ben is established in his career, the kids will have started school, and I will have time to attend classes.

5. Health.  My body bounces back quickly after each pregnancy.  It helps that I only gain 15-20 pounds.  (Hyperemesis Gravidarum does have its positive points.)   I actually weigh less now than before I was married.  I know that as I age, this may change, but I am counting on reason #1 to keep my body in line.

Ahh, who am I kidding.  The real reason is that I want more just like these two.


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There’s Nothing Like a Good Random Post

Andrew is sleeping through the night, but I am still exhausted.  Rather than blog during their nap time, I have been sleeping.  Maybe in a week I won’t feel as tired? Maybe? PLEASE?!


My kitchen is a wreck.  It is disgusting enough that we have been eating in our living room and now our living room is a mess.  I guess we’ll be moving to our bedrooms soon.


I laugh when Emily says “no.”  Especially when she is talking to her toys.

Talking dog: “Can you give me a hug?”

Emily: “No way!”


I have two hickeys.  That’s right, two.  I am not ashamed.  (I would take pictures for you but my camera is broken.  I will tell you this–they are very visible.)


Because of some recent health problems, sitting and standing are very painful.  I am crossing my fingers that whatever it is lets up.  That said, I will be spending the majority of my weekend lying down.  Have fun for me, okay?


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In Case You Don’t Recognize Me, I’ll Be Wearing Purple

This weekend is the big Casual Blogger Conference.  Since it is so close to where we live, my husband wouldn’t let me pass it up.  So I will be joining hundreds (thousands?) of ladies and men in listening to some awesome speakers like DeNae Handy, Courtney Kendrick, and Sue Marchant.  It’s even better that I actually know these ladies.

I know that hundreds of people will be fighting to meet me,  so I decided to introduce myself.  Virtually.

Me and my super cute baby and cool brother.

Hi, I’m Amber.  Thanks to a recent cold,  my voice now sounds like a deeper version of Phoebe’s sexy voice on friends.  I have dark blond hair and a smile that is permanently etched on my face (i.e. I have premature wrinkles).  Miss Flow’s recent visit left a few unwanted visitors on my face that I hope will disappear before the conference.  If they don’t,  well,  they don’t.  I am somewhere between small and average in waist size; although, this is covered up by healthy servings in the rear and chest area.

When I’m nervous, I talk extra fast, giggle extra hard, and say extra embarrassing things.  I also blush easily.  If you still can’t recognize me,  look for the lady with the extra red face.

I have an above average case of momnesia.  In mid sentence I may stop, look around with a confused expression, and start talking about something entirely unrelated.  Conversations may be choppy or silly but I do have something up my sleeve: I will be holding a cute baby.  Theoretically,  this provides you an easy out in any awkward or confusing conversations we might have.  I can’t guarantee it, but it’s worth a try.

He is much cuter in person. Go ahead, give his cheeks a virtual squeeze.

Since this is a special occasion,  I might actually do my hair.  I can’t make promises but I think my blow dryer and straightener will see the outside of the cupboard more this weekend than they have since my husband  bought them for me.   I may even wear earrings, makeup, and some shirts that do not have stains on them.   Since this may be pushing it, I am once again relying on Andrew’s extra cuteness to save me.  Heck,  maybe he will share some of his cuteness  with me.

There you have it.  See you at CBC ’10!!


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One Year Older and Wiser Too

Despite all the verbal hints, written notes, and ripped magazine pages strewn around our house, my husband did not send me to a luxuriously furnished cabin on a remote island with the option of ordering takeout for all three meals.  Maybe next year.

I can’t complain, though, because I was given a much better gift.  For the first birthday in two years, I am not pregnant!  Let me explain why this is important.

  • Because my belly isn’t abnormally large, I can fit into a sexy outfit and head out to my restaurant of choice.
  • Because I am not sick, I can actually eat the food at that restaurant.
  • Because I don’t feel weepy, I won’t cry because I can eat the food.  (Okay, maybe I will.)
  • Because I’m not exhausted, I will not fall asleep during the movie I choose for tonight’s fun activity.
  • Because my body doesn’t hurt, I will not have to sit down every 5 minutes to rest.
  • Finally, because my moods are somewhat regular, I will not be upset with my husband.  I think this is Ben’s favorite reason.

I am not quite sure who to thank for this fabulous gift (because I obviously do NOT practice abstinence), so I will send a million thank you cards to God.  I think He can redirect them if needs be.

Congratulations to the three that correctly guessed my age.  If you promise to still be my friend, I will tell the rest of you.


Did you promise yet?


All right.


I am 23.


Don’t hate me.


To honor my birthday, I am closing the comments.  Now go do something fun!!

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Maybe Next Time We’ll Fly

I’m back. The trip was not as uneventful as I would have liked (I will spare you the gruesome details), but it was lovely.

I went to two, that’s right, TWO blog friend gatherings last week.  Both of them were amazing!

Once things settle down here (i.e. I fold all the laundry that is once again taking up valuable couch space), I will write something a little more substantial.

For now, let me leave you with this thought: my birthday is tomorrow.  Care to guess how old I’ll be turning?  I am curious to see how many of you will guess correctly.


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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

A few months ago, I wrote down an experience I had.  I turned that experience into a post and submitted it to Mormon Women: Who We Are.  If you are curious to read what I wrote, click on over.  I think that many (if not all) of you can relate to the feelings I express.

In other news, the Service Soapbox’s baby shower is tomorrow.  There will be tons of prizes and awesome people!  If you are in town, you should come!  (Plus, I will be there with my two babies.  Believe me, you do not want to miss that.)

Finally, things have been a bit crazy over here as we are taking off this weekend.  I am working on visiting all of your blogs today.

Happy Friday!


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