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I Caved

College football season has begun.  Once upon a time,  I would’ve dreaded this time.  It was one more thing that took Ben’s attention away from me.   This year, though,  I am looking forward to it.  Nay,  I am encouraging football watching.

My thinking changed completely last year when football pulled me through the last month of contractions.  Every night I would lay on the couch trying to find some comfort in the awful sensations that wouldn’t lead anywhere, and watch football with husband.  It’s hard to hate something that you have bonded so close with.

So.  This year?  I was excited.  Unfortunately, our mode of football viewing was discontinued when we changed internet service providers.  As we don’t have a TV,  we were stuck.  How were we going to watch our beloved Cougars as well as the other 8 games during a week?

I came up with a solution.  One that even shocked my husband.

I suggested we buy a cheap TV and get cable.

I know.  I must have lost my marbles.

Anyway.  My husband took me up on the offer.  Last week, he found an awesome deal on Craigslist (or some on-line thing) for a $10 TV.  He contacted the cable company and bought a very basic cable package for $20 a month.

In a couple of days,  we will join millions of other Americans by watching multiple college football games at the same time.  More accurately,  I will blog while my husband watches football and provides a running commentary on what is happening.  Since I am remarkably capable of doing four things at once,  I will write, listen, watch, and comment without missing a beat.

And I will have an excuse to eat hot wings.  I love hot wings.


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And Maybe The Issue Isn’t Strictly About Women

After our delicious Easter dinner, there was an inordinate amount of dishes.  I blame the sleepy side effect of the turkey’s tryptophan for inhibiting our usual sense of cleanliness and forcing us into bed.  Early.  Of course, Ben’s all-nighter due to homework and my all-nighter due to Andrew the previous night could have had some compelling force as well.  Descriptions aside, I have been fighting dishes and laundry since Sunday.

As of this early evening, I finally overcame the dish monster.  The laundry demon, though, is putting up quite a battle.  I can’t be too sad about this, it allows me watch hours of mindless television.  You know, on my computer.

Unfortunately, what I thought would be mindless has turned out to be a source of constant philosophizing about gender issues;  specifically,  negative gender stereotypes.  Mostly about men.

What surprises me the most about this show is how progressive it purports to be.  Underneath their neat script, they are perpetuating gender stereotypes that I was sure were on their way out.  I am sad to say I thought wrong.

This TV series has the typical cast of characters.  It has the brilliant, thin, and super attractive women, and the intelligent, athletic, and handsome men. This show, like most shows, does an excellent job of portraying the women as very successful.  Kudos to them.  But, also like most shows, they portray the men as horribly crude and sexually impetuous.

I find it disturbing that in one episode they proved that women are equally knowledgeable when it comes to traditional male interests, like motorcycle racing, yet managed to include the long standing stereotype of males being incapable of rational thought when they are sexually aroused.   My husband refers to this as the “dumb men controlled by their testicles” stereotype.

In light of how much the image of women has changed over the years, going from “being in the kitchen” to running for president, I am appalled that the image of men as purely sexual beings has remained almost unchanged.

I am wondering,  is this stereotype any different from the women of the fifties who were metaphorically tied to their kitchens because of society’s definition of a good woman?

Sure you might be able to name a few men who allow their sexuality to control much of their impulsive behavior, but you could also name off an equal number of  women.

I am most disheartened by the image this sends to the younger generation:  men allow their genitalia to overwhelm any sagacious thought.  Men are capable of being rational beings, beings that do not allow their appetites to control their minds.  It is a myth that is wrongly advanced by the media and carried around in our minds–one that I find awfully degrading to men.

In my own home, I am trying to combat these myths.  I hope to raise my boys to respect all people.  I hope to raise them to be just like their father.


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Saving Money and Cable TV

Over the summer, B was accepted into an internship that meant moving a few states over and into his mom’s house.  While not cooking dinner was nice, cable television was even nicer.

I was 5 months pregnant and tired.  Watching mindless television when the Queen was napping was fantastic.

I had my rules.  I would not turn the television on while the Queen was awake.  She deserved my full attention, even if it was from a couch (I was suffering through major guilt of having taken her babyhood away).  Besides, I really didn’t want her to have nightmares from watching my kind of television.  You know, the creepy kind of television.  I am a sucker for mysteries and thrillers.

Every night after we ate dinner, B and I would put the Queen to bed and snuggle on the couch to watch an episode of Cold Case.  Oh, how we loved that show.  It provided everything from romance to humor to mystery.  Fantastic.

If Cold Case was unavaliable, we’d watch some kind of documentary like Gang Land. That was cool.

All too soon, our little vacation was over.  We moved back to our dinky apartment and mourned the loss of modern technology.

You see, we don’t own a television.  That’s right.  We are medieval like that. (We also don’t own a dishwasher or laptop but that’s for another post.)

We didn’t intend to not own a television, it just worked out that way.  When we married, we had a tiny TV, but no cable.  After awhile, our computer was more convenient to watch movies on so we (literally) kicked the TV to the curb.  So long, sucka!

When we moved to our new apartment, we were faced with  a decision: do we get a new TV?  This led to a re-evaluation of why we decided no cable in the first place.

At this point in our lives, we do whatever is necessary to make ends meet.  We limit our eating out to once a week,  we are gravitating to cloth diapers, we turn on the heater only when it’s necessary, and we own very used–and old–vehicles.  Anything to save money.

When we talked about cable we discussed the pros and cons.  Sure, we might have nightly entertainment, but the money we would save without it seemed more important.

Without one second thought, we decided no cable and no new TV.

We haven’t looked back since.


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