I have been married for 4.5 years to my one true love.  In two years, we had two kids. After that, for whatever reason, I started miscarrying.  My obstetrical history is as follows.

August 2008: Baby #1

November 2009: Baby #2

March 2010: Miscarriage #1 at 4 weeks

September 2010: Miscarriage #2 at 8 weeks

May 2011: Miscarriage #3 at 8 weeks

November 2011: Miscarriage #4 at 6 weeks

December 2011: Pregnant, again, 2 weeks post-miscarriage.

Each miscarriage was different in how and when I told people.  Some I talked openly about my pregnancy and others I didn’t acknowledge until after the miscarriage.  As I know how difficult recurrent miscarriages are, I refuse to grieve silently.  I have also found power in talking openly of my fears and triumphs.  For further reference to my miscarriages, this is a list of my many posts.

Miscarriage 2:

In Other News

The Real Announcement

Intentional Happiness + Bigger Picture Moment

Living On Faith

News, News, Wonderful News

My Ambiguous Loss

Moving Forward

Miscarriage # 3

What Do You Say?

In Which Pregnancy Makes Me Crazy (7 Quick Takes)

A Very Bleak Future Indeed

The Elephant

Miscarriage # 4

Apathy Toward Loss and Life

2 responses to “Miscarriage

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  2. I just wanted to say thank you for reading my post (and taking the time to comment) over at BCC. While I didn’t mention it in that particular post, the miscarriage I spoke of was actually my third. It’s always nice (in a tragic way) to find other people in the sisterhood of pregnancy loss. I’ve spent some time perusing your site and I love your writing.

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