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My Husband, the Superhero

I’m not really in the blogging mood right now.  I’m too busy feeling bad for myself.  So, instead of focusing on me, I’m going to talk about the most awesome person I know: my husband.

A couple weeks ago, Ben informed me that our finances were hurting.  Not in a oh-my-gosh-we-can’t-pay-our-rent-this-month- kind of hurt, but very very close.  To keep our wallets insulated, my husband picked up a second job.  He will now be working 70+ hours a week from here until Eternity (that’s how it feels, anyway).  When I suggested that I find something part-time or full-time he firmly told me no.  My health was a major factor in his reasoning, as was my desire to stay-at-home with the kids.  In his words, “I want to let you be a mom.”  I think I fell in love with him all over again.

This guy is amazing.  He will be returning from his last medical school interview later this evening only to be at church early tomorrow morning and back to work for 32 straight hours soon thereafter.  All because he knows we need the money and, in his mind, that is his responsibility.

If you aren’t yet convinced, I can bet that tonight he will ly get up with the kids in order to give me a break.  Of course, I am crossing my fingers that Andrew’s new pattern (as in, since his daddy left town) of getting up every few hours will be broken tonight.  And, he will offer to massage my shoulders, listen to my weepy feel-sorry-for-myself stories, and even comfort me.

How did I snag this guy?

On a much brighter note, he has been accepted to all the medical schools he interviewed at.  I am so proud of him.  We now have the luxury of choosing between a few schools rather than going to a school because it was the only one he got into.  (That sounds very haughty.  It isn’t intended to be like that.)  Naturally, we will let the Spirit guide us as we make the final choice.

Clearly, Ben is the better half.


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Sleep and Laughter CAN Go Hand in Hand

This morning,  Andrew woke up screaming.  Given that he refused to go to bed the previous evening because of sickness,  this event did not surprise me.   It did, however, rattle my husband.

As he climbed out of bed, he yelled, “SSSHHHH!!!”

To which I responded, “Um, that won’t help.”

After looking at me sheepishly he said, “Sorry, I was dreaming that one of the boys I work with was screaming at me.” (Not too far from the truth.)

This dream state of my husband often results in hilarious nighttime outings and ramblings.

Like when I wake up to find cheese in the cupboard.  Or a half eaten peanut butter sandwich in the fridge.  And wrappers of my coveted chocolate scattered on the floor.

But nothing beats waking up to him whistling our alma mater’s fight song; alternating between humming a tune and laughing hysterically; and jumping out of bed, grabbing a folded towel from the dresser, and brandishing it like a sword.  All while innocently dreaming.

It isn’t unusual for me to wake up and find him in the living room with the TV on and the internet up.

I’ve mentioned the need for me to sleep train my husband before,  but I think I need to get more serious.  After I stop chuckling.


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And the Rest Is History, I Guess

In continuation of Momalom’s Five for Ten series, today’s topic is “Happiness.”  Click on over to join the fun!

During the whole appendectomy episode,  Ben decided that he wanted to try a new educational/career path.  Being in the hospital reignited his dream of becoming a doctor.  Since his GPA was practically spotless, he was weary of smudging his record with the tyrannical science courses.  With my wholehearted support,  he decided he would give pre-med a one semester try.   If he felt confident after that first semester,  he would continue on until the next semester, and, after that, he would be set on medical school.  (See? I really do support him in his dreams! As long as they do not include becoming a career pilot.)

The first semester was rough.  Not only were we new parents, but we were both taking classes.  Plus, to put it mildly, Ben’s classes were not easy.

When the semester was over, he managed to walk away with better grades than he expected.   He decided to continue.

Now, almost 2 years later, we have reached a point that was a mere speck in the horizon.

Yesterday, we received Ben’s MCAT scores.

If I could fully relate how much we have both sacrificed to reach this point, I would.  I will tell you this–there have been many days, especially over this last semester, when I wouldn’t see Ben until he stumbled into bed around 2 am.   I’m not just referring to the weekdays.  I mean Monday-Saturday.  (Sunday was our sacred family time.) It was difficult.  Parenting two little babies by myself, especially when my husband is only a couple miles away, was harder than I anticipated.  I wrote many disparaging posts (which I may just delete) and cried more than I care to admit, but I tried my best to support my husband through it all.  It helped to know that he was struggling as well.  I mean, he had to study and actually take the test.  I only had to blubber about solo parenting.  Besides, he loves his children more than I can describe.  He would have given anything to be with them.

So.  April 10th came and Ben took the test.  When finished it did nothing to alleviate our anxiety.  For all we knew, he would be taking it again (because he likely did not do well enough) after he found out his score.

The kids and I may have seen Ben more this last month, but the tension was still palpable; the nights still sleepless.

Fast forward to yesterday.  The scores were scheduled to come out at some point during the day.  While Ben tried to work and I tried to, um, tend to the kids (meaning read all the delightful Five for Ten posts), we couldn’t help but look at the website every ten seconds.

Finally, a little after 1:00, I received the call I had been expecting.  I answered the phone with a hurried–“Was it good??” To which my husband replied, “Yes!”

Pure happiness.

For inquiring minds,  knowing the score is the first step.  We will now be applying to different medical schools and starting the interviewing process sometime in September.  In some ways, I never thought this day would come.  I was sure we would be stuck in undergraduate education forever.  I am glad that this theory proved to be untrue.


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All Things Aside, I Think I Have It Easy

My brain is whirring from all the thoughts that are being produced.  Its noises keep me awake and wake me up.

I dream about cranial nerves, heart tissue, blood characteristics, and components of the Central Nervous System.  I am haunted by exams, papers, and due dates that I have missed.

In case you’re wondering, I am not in school.  These strange dreams and clogged processes are the product of my husband’s stress.  See, he has asked that I help him study this week.  That means that I can’t blame my kids for my late nights.  No, this week I entirely blame my husband.

I’m not complaining, though, because I have it easy.  I may stay up late quizzing him, but he must take the exams and write the papers.  He also must stay up later (or all night) to complete his various assignments.

Between helping him at night, preparing meals, keeping little toddlers occupied, and nursing a growing boy, my days are quite cluttered.  I may not get around to each of your blogs daily, but I will catch you here and there.

Until then, be grateful that you aren’t preparing for medical school.  I know I am.


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I Can’t Stop Smiling!

I am giddy.  So giddy that I can’t hold still.  I am fluttering around like a butterfly, hopping from my husband’s lap to the computer chair to the kitchen, with an unexplainable energy.

I’m sure it has something to do with this guy

this girl

and one amazing husband.

I think so.

Just  ignore the wings that suddenly sprouted from my back.


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The Rapids

I’ve been floating easily along this parenting river,  lazily dipping my hands and feet in the clear, cold water when I started to feel overheated.  My inner tube, constructed out of patience, joy, and confidence, held my lithe body as I used my hands and feet to work through the little snags that occasionally threatened to halt my progression.  I didn’t anticipate the rapids that were waiting for me around the next corner.

When I reached them, I managed very well at first.  I stayed calm as I turned my inner tube this way and that, avoiding the rocks and other debris that attempted to throw me out of my vessel and into the water.  But my shortsightedness failed to see the big rock slightly covered by the raging rapids.

I hit it at full speed and fell, tumbling into the dangerous cold water.


Andrew has cried for much of the day the last 2 weeks.

At first,  I did very well.  I held him in my rocking chair and softly sang his favorite lullabies.  When he would sleep, I would hurriedly clean and make dinner.

Until this week.

This week,  Andrew’s naps have been sporadic.  I put him down and he begins to whimper.  His whimper turns into cries which abruptly become piercing screams if he is not picked up immediately.  It is like post-colic colic.

I hit that rock last night.

After battling his cries all day, I thought he would finally sleep when the evening came.  My hopes were dashed as he started another round.

I looked at him and told him to stop.  Not very motherly, huh?

Ben heard my tone and glanced up from his notebook.  Something in my appearance must have frightened him because he came over and took Andrew from my arms.  He sent me to bed, promising he would take care of our little guy.


I catch hold of my inner tube,  clinging to it for dear life.  My legs and arms are covered with scratches and bruises.  My head hurts from the fall.  But,  I am safe.  I am safe!

The tube guides me to safety.  I land on the riverbank and begin to sob.  My heart is full of gratitude.


I know Andrew will feel better soon.  It is going to be rough until he gets there.  Still,  when I see his face and hear his cries, my heart aches for my poor little guy.


I am making my rounds around the net.  It will take me awhile to catch up with all of your delightful blogs,  but I am coming.

As for my 10 things list?  I will be completing it shortly.  Sometimes I must roll with the twists and turns of my life.  This is one of those times.


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Conversations About Death

“Do you ever think about how you are going to die?”  Mr. B asked one night.

I rolled my eyes.  “No. I prefer to dwell on less morbid topics,  things pertaining to living.”

“Well,  if you could choose which way to die,  what would you choose?”  Mr. B. continued.

“Um,  I think that I’d rather not answer that seeing that I really have no choice in the matter,”  I quipped.

“I think I’m going to die of a heart attack or in a car accident,”  he calmly stated. “I’d prefer something that would immortalize me.”


“Would you go back to school if I died?”  Mr. B inquired during a drive home one night.

“Probably,”  I nonchalantly responded.

“For a Master’s?”  he asked.

“Well, I would start with a Master’s in therapy then  continue on with my Ph.D.  Since you’d be dead and all, I guess I’d have nothing to hold me back,”  I slyly answered.

“Good choice.  Remember,  you have some good money coming your way when I die,”  he stated.

“True.  What are you waiting for?”

“Great question.”


“I would love to develop cancer,”  B longingly stated one afternoon.  “If I did,  would you support medicinal marijuana?”

“Um, no.”  I exclaimed.  “Why would I want you to develop cancer?  Just for marijuana?”

“Yes.  I’d smoke chronic and go to IHOP with you guys!  Sure,  I’d be in pain but at least I’d be laughing!” he explained.

“Yeah,  and I would be sad because I’d miss you if you died,”  I responded.

“No.  I wouldn’t die,  I would miraculously recover and live another 20 years!” he proclaimed.


Does your husband enjoy tormenting you with questions about death?  Because this topic is a favorite of my husband’s.

No, my husband is not suicidal.  He’s just weird.  I guess we all have our idiosyncracies, right?


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